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    I'm trying to find an option in Grid or a plugin that will make the frames of players at full health invisible, and only visible when they are below the health threshold or have a debuff. Is this possible?

    Thanks for reading and responding in advance.
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    I'm having some problems with Scorchio. First I noticed that once the debuff on a mob wore off and i re-scorched, it would come back as having 2x scorches on it, not 1. I thought this might be an issue with the bar not fading after the scorch debuff did, so I set the fade time to 0, 1, 15, etc. but I still can't get the bar to fade at all. It will fade on the test bars, but not when fighting mobs. After the scorch debuff fades I usually also get a prompt to disable addons due to large numbers of errors.
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