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    I found this Thread looking for a chance to reach the Autor of this Addon ^^ I just got a new PC installed many Addons also Quartz and have to admit it is indeed a very nice Addon, but there is one Problem for Shadowpriest and that is that Channeld Spells Like Mindflay show up in the "Dot timer bar" which makes it very Difficult to refresh Dots at the Right Moment, because while Channeling MF (and thats often the case) it is very difficult to see Dots running out, because most of the time you look at the Dot with the lowes Duration and thats often MF and your Dot with 1.5 Casttime is first noticed when it's completly expired, so you loose 1,5sec uptime XD Long text Short Conclusion ... Would it be possible to add a Option like - Show Channeld Spells in Debuffbar (not Castbar!) on/off ?! Would be very nice for Shadows, because at the Moment i think i have to install someting like Classtimer oder NECB, becaus this isn't effectiv enough for Raiding Shadowpriests.
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