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    Thanks greyhoof for this addon.

    I use arena master when it first came out, and it sucks. I switched to gladiator a month or two back and it sucks a bit less. I think this mod however will become the standard arena mod, blows the others out of the water so far.

    I'd like to say thanks for not caving in to some of the stupid requests that people want in this addon, if they all had their say it would turn into a bloated mess of a thing. I do however really like the right click spell cast feature, it really helps for my class's job in arena.

    The only request I would like to add has already been asked before; some sort of lock on the options window. Right now the only work around I've found is setting the padding to 1. I might even have to disable the party target and mana bar frames so theres slightly less chance I'll misclick and bring up an options window.

    You could probably do a few thing:

    - Add a 'lock' setting which would disable moving of the frame and bringing up the options window (better the right misclick do nothing silently then bring up a window covering everything else)

    - Restrict the option menu to only appear on the hideable proximo title frame (both this option and the one above would require some /proximo show or /proximo unlock command to gain access to the options again which I guess isn't quite ideal).

    - When in combat just disable showing of the options window, similar to how other mods don't show tooltips while in combat (while I don't think this is ideal either, since combat is usually started with some of the spells people would bind to right click it's something I could live with).

    Thanks again.
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    Our raid has been having a few problems with omen lately. I'm the main tank and my meter looks perfect, but other people in the raid who use omen say I disapear from the list only to reappear some time later, or have much lower aggro then them although I never actually lose aggro (in single mob boss fights, no multi targets).

    At first I put this down to some people in the raid using KTM and it somehow misrepresenting my threat level, but today we did kara and all members claimed to be only using omen.

    I realise this is a little hard to diagnose with so little information, I know for sure my omen was upto date, and the raid claimed theirs was too and that they didn't have KTM installed. I can't say this is true or not however.

    I remmeber reading in the old KTM docs that it couldn't detect threat from macros well and you had to edit your macros for the threat to show. I use a macro for heroic strike/execute, could it be this thats somehow throwing it off? I didn't think threat lib worked like this but I could be wrong.

    Do I yell at them and tell them to fix their stuff, or could it be something at my end?
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