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    \o/ Thanks !

    I did notice another "not X == Y" type test in the Pallypower::NeedsBuffs() function. No idea what it's for, but it probably deserves a fix as well :)

    At least blessing assignments seem to "stick" now, although it's probably a bit too early to be sure about that just yet. I will know for sure after the weekend.

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    I've been annoyed at someone changing my blessings while in raid even though they aren't raidleader (I had noticed this on several occasions while I was the group/raid leader).

    now... I don't know a whole lot about lua and wow api, I usually can figure out what code does by looking at it (I do programming in C++) but writing mods myself that's a whole other ballgame.

    ANyway. I have tracked down the problem to a "normal looking", yet incorrectly functioning line of code...

    Somewhere in the PallyPower:ParseMessage()
    if not name == sender and not leader then 

    (yeh, old version, I noticed newer version has an extra option it's testing for as well, but it still has this same bug also)

    that line of code is wrong. it needs to be changed to:
    if not (name == sender) and not leader then 

    without the parent explicitely there, it's not working properly and anyone sending ASSIGN commands will be accepted as is.

    I'm assuming this is because without explicit parens, it actually gets translated into.
    if (not name) == sender and not leader then 

    which is of course not what's needed.

    I have noticed this type of test for inequality on several other places throughout pallypower, they'll all have this very same problem issue...

    Plz fix pallypower asap, getting annoyed at my assignments getting messed up :)
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