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    is it possible to see the gold (total / x 500 y 800 etc..) from every char?
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    posted a message on FuBar_AddonSpamFu - Official Thread
    same problem:

    all addons WITH externals (newst version)

    [2008/04/17 18:21:43-1432-x1]: FuBar_AddonSpamFu\AddonSpamFu.lua:16: Cannot find a library instance of Babble-Class-2.2.
    ArkInventory-2.27\Libs\Ace2\AceLibrary\AceLibrary.lua:490: in function `AceLibrary'
    FuBar_AddonSpamFu\AddonSpamFu.lua:16: in main chunk

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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    Quote from dualaud »

    Definitely a Blizz error.

    And there seem to be fixes around (not verified):



    i love you <3

    working with eng client also
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0
    Quote from Grecasi »

    Check my previous post on this page, and there are info to be found in the last two pages. Also yes AltAura does work but it's a bit buggy, but it does solve the issue. It seems it's more like a module loading or modules overlapping something causing it.


    So you just enabled debuff/buff filter for every frame with the standart aura module?
    or did you enabled it + using alt_aura ?

    sry iam a bit confused atm ^^
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    posted a message on PitBull 2.0

    Recently I had some dramatic fps decreaes during bossfights e.g. Fathom Lord Karathress, from 15-20 -> 1-4 fps.

    I searched a lot heared that one possible source of the problem might be the module pitbull_aura.

    Is it enough if I disable the module @ charakter screen and try it again, or have I to disable aura completly @ pitbull?

    I also heared @ ej that there is a alternative aura mod (pitbull_altaura).
    Is it made for pb 2.0 (rock version) and could it be that its solving the problem?
    (because some of the posts where really "old")

    All tips/hints are appreciated

    Atleast ;), I realy love pitbull I don?t wanna miss it anymore -> keep on rock?ing ;)
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