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    I definitely have all my addons up to date. I refuse to use anything that isn't 2.2, even if it's considered to be "stable" (might as well change the version from 2.1 to 2.2 in the TOC..)

    As for doing the whole "disable all addons except X and keep activating some little by little to find the culprit," I haven't done that. It's just that when I switched from Bongos to the default, the lag issue would go away. But then again, maybe it's just the timing..

    I used Bongos2.

    Edit: yeah, the newest one up-to-date; used that one.

    Edit #2: I'm going to make a new UI with Bongos2 included (minimalistic as possible..). So far, I haven't had that "freeze" lag today. Hopefully that type of lag doesn't happen with this new UI >_>.

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    posted a message on Bongos - a mod that lags.. atleast for me.
    Whenever I use Bongos, I'd lag at some points. And no, this isn't any short-term lag (i.e. your actions coming later than usual); it's the type that "freezes" (i.e. you see people just standing even though they're actually doing something) you for a decent amount of seconds (highest was around 7 seconds). Because of this, I now use the default UI one, and that lag doesn't ever appear (for now..)

    Is this a coincidence or what? I mean, my CPU's specs exceed the requirements of this game and all. I'm currently using a cable connection from Comcast. There has to be something wrong I'm doing that makes the game lag whenever I use Bongos (a decent amount of people use the addon ~_~)..

    As for addons that I used w/ Bongos, here they are:

    aq_tooltip (@ Curse)
    Bigwigs (only enabled during raids, which I don't do often)
    Perl Unitframes (@ WoWInteface)
    PhanxChat (@ WoWInterface - uses Ace libs)
    Proximo (only enabled during arena, which I only do once a week for points)

    That's it.

    Automatic thanks to those who respond. I'd really like to use an action bar mod since I don't like the default one >_>)

    P.S. I used to use Bartender, but that was when my UI was loaded w/ addons. I can't recall any "freezes" with that mod..

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    Quote from spanspace »

    I know the mod exists. I just cant remember name. It has a feature that when you hover over the palyer it pops up the gear they have.

    If such a mod ever existed, the people who used it were probably banned afterwards.

    Blizzard banned many accounts in Diablo II because of a similar mod (i.e. the ability to see what someone was wearing). Now tell me, do you really think that Blizzard would let such a mod exist in a game that they "baby" a lot than Diablo II? Take note that when such a mod existed in Diablo II, the game was already at its dying point.

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    I'm looking at the numbers through PerformanceFu.

    An example:

    2.50 MiB +323KB (10 secs after I logged in)
    2.96 MiB +618KB (2 minutes after I logged in)

    Is FuBar the first addon you have containing Ace2 libs?

    Where's the stickies?

    How can I check if it's the first addon?

    No idea what "stickies" refer to :(

    Yes, I'm a bit of a newb at this :(


    No longer need help with this subject. I realized that FuBar was my first addon, and thus all my other Ace'd addons were using the libs from it. Fixed!
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    I'll be brief: the only addon (in my set up) that increases (in memory) dramatically is FuBar. What's making it increase at a fast rate?

    Here are my FuBar addons:


    Responses, please!

    Edit: took some stuff out that seemed unnecessary
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