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    I have a slight "problem" or more a discomfort with BT3 bar switching. I've read a little bit back and forth on the forum and haven't quite found anything that address exactly my problem.

    I'm playing a priest and have two mainbars up at all time, bar #1 is bound to numbers and is the only bar that have enabled bar-scrolling. Bar #6 is bound to Shift+numbers for those other spells I use relatively often. In addition I have several other bars (3-5) with all from pots to macros which is consistant and is meant as the extra actionbars as in standard UI.

    Here's a screen on my layout: http://arzmir.net/gallery/drachui.jpg

    The thing that discomfort me is that when I used blizzard standard bars andI had the extra actionbars enabled they would be disabled from bar-scrolling (I use shift+scroll). This seems to me that it is non-existing in BT3. I would really like an option to disable bar #3-6 from the mainbar when shift-scrolling.

    EDIT: It seems to happen because the bar 2-6 in BT3 isn't counted as actionbars by the Blizzard interface. I don't know if this is intentional to make some other options available or what. Anyways I found a workaround, probably not the best one, but as of now you can enable the standard actionbars to prevent the page switching of bar 3,4,5 and 6 then use MoveAnything to hide them again.

    Before I found this solution I tried modifying some of the .luas, but even if I could prevent the visibility and use of bar 3-6 it still scrolled through them so you had to scroll 4 times to get from 2-1 again ^^,

    Otherwise a superb mod and I love the work put into it! Keep it up :D

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