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    On chronometer being out of sight..... this is what I did. It worked for my priest, but not my other toons.

    Since the patch, my chronometer bar is placed somewhere out of the game screen. I went to chron settings and made it as large as possible, and finally found it stuck way up in the left hand corner of the screen. The problem is that it's so far up there that the anchor is out of sight and I am unable to move it. I was finally able to move it on one character by going to video options in the game and checked use ui scale, and scaled it as small as I could get. This brought chronometer into view and I was able to move it and put the ui scale back to normal. But it's not working on my other toons. I still can't get it in view. And it reverts back to the top left hand corner when I log out.
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    Yes, it's been a problem with me as well. Doesn't matter which BG I enter, I d/c from the game everytime since the last patch. :(
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