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    posted a message on KLHThreatMeter send-only alternative
    KLHThreatMeter exceeds the bounds of UI modifications and would have been
    disabled if there was an easy way to do it.

    I'm not claiming that the addon is illegal, or it can get you banned or any such nonsense.
    It is perfectly legal but it's not within the spirit of UI modification imo.

    Can it be usefull?
    In a subset of situations probably yes.

    There's 2 distinct lines of reasoning here though:

    1. Whether it works as advertised.. "my guild killed Vael first try with KTM installed"
    (clever promotion by the author, but it smacks of cheesy advertising)
    Both "sides" arguing have valid points:
    - doesn't work well for multiple mob pulls,
    - doesn't work well for encounters with pseudo-random or random aggro mechanics (until they have been reverse engineered)
    - doesn't work well if at least all the classes that find themselves high on aggro don't have it installed etc (which in effect puts the pressure on everyone installing it)
    - does work fine on boss encounters of the tank and spank variety or when the mechanics of the fight have been reverse-engineered.
    (which is why most people argue that it's only usefull in the less challenging situations, hence people should be able to handle without "crutches")
    - does provide a visual aid for people that are incapable of regulating their aggro otherwise.
    - does provide the leaders with a tool quantifying one aspect of raid performance.

    2. Regardless if it works or not, whether it is something you'd like in your game.
    I have to say that it's not, personally.
    And it would be less desirable the better it worked.

    UI modification is presentation imo.
    Take information available on the client and alter presentation,
    not reverse-engineer server-side variables that are purposely hidden or at least obfuscated ("produces a high amount of threat").
    The challenge of aggro management is an integral part of the (raiding) game,
    trying to trivialize that is counterproductive and in the end leads to completely random encounters introduced to the game.
    With all the various timesinks it's rather obvious Blizzard doesn't want it trivialized and smart gamers shouldn't want it either.

    Look at the old decursive if you don't understand what I'm saying.
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    posted a message on 4 Ideas: Auction, Map, browser, calculator
    (4) If an -Ace- calculator is not an absolute requirement give Xcalc a try.
    It's a nice mod, no one would have trouble using.

    Works from chat too ofc, eg. /xcalc 50/20 = 2.5
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    posted a message on Text editors
    UE is great, RegexBuddy complements it brilliantly.

    Easter bunnies pwn Rabbits.
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    posted a message on Sunder Armour until 5stacks, then Devistate
    Scrolling Combat Text has a "Full Sunder" notification.
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    posted a message on moveFrames
    Maybe you can take a look at Nathanmx's addon.

    I've no need to move the Capturebar myself so I can't say if it's working as advertised,
    but his addons are generally good quality addons.

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    posted a message on GrindStatus
    Just wanted to say that no longer getting any errors with r30900.

    So, gj, and thanks for all the fish. (sp?)
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    posted a message on GrindStatus
    [2007/03/25 00:18:29-1481-x2]: GrindStatus-0.1\GrindStatus.lua:583: attempt to index local 'self' (a nil value)

    When mousing over the reputation bar.
    Kurenai is the focused faction.

    Last error-free revision was r29956 for me.
    r30889 solved the 'step' is nil error I was getting (as was reported by other users), but now getting this one.
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    posted a message on DKPmon & Bidder v2.0
    3) Yup, that's by design; banked items award DKP to the raid too. There are literally thousands of raiding guilds, and thousands of divergent DKP systems. I picked a couple that seemed common, and implemented DKP modules for those ones. For the rest, I designed DKPmon/Bidder to use modular DKP systems so that custom system addons could be written pretty easily and then distributed to your guild. This change, for instance, would be a very minor edit to the FCZS module to make your own. The secondary costs for items would also be doable, pretty easily, in a custom edit come to think of it. That's why all my modules are GPL licensed.

    I find it hard to believe that the "common denominator" zero-sum system is one that is _not_ zero-sum.
    I hadn't noticed it awards points for banked and disenchanted items.
    (Didn't even cross my mind to check as that doesn't make much sense)

    Regardless of that, if I wanted to change that behaviour:
    function FCZS.prototype:DeductPoints(itemwinners)
    in fczs.lua around line 419 seems the place to do it.
    is it enough to move the last block of code
    if mydb.pointswaiting[tab.item.source] == nil then mydb.pointswaiting[tab.item.source] = { onlist = false } end
    	 	local p, c
    	  for p, c in pairs(tab.dkp) do
    	 			if mydb.pointswaiting[tab.item.source][tonumber(p)] == nil then
    	  		mydb.pointswaiting[tab.item.source][tonumber(p)] = 0
    	 			mydb.pointswaiting[tab.item.source][tonumber(p)] = mydb.pointswaiting[tab.item.source][p] + tonumber(c)

    inside the
    if tab.winner ~= L["Disenchant"] and tab.winner ~= L["Bank"] then --- We don't deduct points for disenchanting or banking


    Thanks for your support.
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    posted a message on TYH
    This one is a much better idea, and one that might actually work :).

    Generally speaking what will get you heals is looking out for the healer, looking out for the team.

    Going after the enemy that is griefing your team's healer, as opposed to going after the enemy wielding the shiniest meanest looking weapon,
    so you can brag for the kill.

    You playstyle will still determine the amount of heals you'll get, but throwing out some appreciation in the form of a /thankyou /bow /kiss (random pick with random small delay? 2-5sec)
    might improve your chances :P
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    posted a message on RatingBuster
    Most users don't that's true, but they can page down a couple times :)

    I don't mind getting a glimpse at the work that went into something not just the end result.
    Makes me appreciate it more.
    There's alot of re-coding existing concepts and while I welcome functional improvements as much as the next guy,
    an original work is still worth some (alot) of recognition.
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    posted a message on RatingBuster
    Latest statlogic (r30337 at time of posting) has a DEBUG variable set to true.
    It's a bit vocal about performing scans etc :P
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    posted a message on DKPmon & Bidder v2.0
    DKPmon-2.1.2\Looting\looting.lua:45: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got nil)

    Got this error on Attumen as masterlooter.
    The relevant lines are:
    link = GetLootSlotLink(slot)
    	 if link ~= nil then -- Coins come out as a nil link
    	  local mobname = UnitName("target")
    	  if self:ProcessItemLink(link, string.format("%s", mobname)) then ---<< line 45

    where mobname for some reason comes back nil.

    That's baffling as I don't see how UnitName can return nil.

    Something that might be relevant is I'm using Xuerian's XLoot. (incompatibility?)
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    posted a message on DKPmon & Bidder v2.0
    seems ckknight was quick to address this.
    Ace2 r29920
    .AceComm-2.0 - apparently, if you receive an item link that is not in your local cache, GetItemInfo() returns nil, so starting on March 21, AceComm-2.0 will send the name and color with the link.

    Question: before I push an update out to my guild.
    Will your workaround function properly with the new Ace2 installed?
    What's a working combo currently?

    Edit: erm now I'm not so sure ... March 21?
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    posted a message on DKPmon & Bidder v2.0
    First off a bit out of topic,
    it's great to witness such kind of cooperation between author and users as Eraslin/Jacklifear :)

    Back to my Fixed Cost Zero Sum variant.
    Everything is coming along quite nicely.

    A question not for Eraslin specifically(seem to have alot to deal with already) but anyone that has used the FCZS module.
    Is the only way to test the module to do a raid and get actual boss drops?

    I tried the following procedure to test it.
    Make a 2-man raid.
    I am RL and masterlooter.
    Setup DKPmon to use the Fixed Cost Zero Sum system.

    Use /dkpmon biditem <itemlink1> <itemlink2>
    with items from my inventory to populate the Loot Distribution window.
    Use Actions to:
    1. Open bidding.
    - I bid on item1 (from bidder)
    2. Close bidding.
    3. Select winner.
    4. Announce winner.

    At this point I'm getting stuck.
    The relevant portion of the manual says:
    Note #2: If you are using one of the zero-sum modules, points will not be awarded by selecting "deduct points"
    -- hence the use of the word "deduct" rather than "adjust", or something similar.
    You must go through the "Points awarding" window to award the points from distributed items.

    If I don't select "Deduct Points" from winner and instead open the "Points Awarding" frame.
    In the middle "sub window" you will find DKP system specific widgets to allow you to select how many points you want to select.
    What appears here depends on what DKP system you are using.
    If you are using one of the zero-sum modules, you will be able to choose the name of a downed boss
    -- this will set DKPmon up to distribute points equal to the item-drop value of the boss divided by the number of players you've selected to each player selected.

    Hence my original question.
    Is there no other way to test the point allocation than do an actual raid and kill a boss recognized by DKPmon?
    If that is the case, what is the expected behaviour of the Award Points button?
    Deducts item cost from winner and distribute evenly among raid members all in one push of the Award Points button?

    Appreciate the help from anyone familiar with FCSZ.
    I'd be happy to expand on the Zero-sum portion of the manual and submit it for inclusion, but I have to figure it out myself first :)

    Lastly, is it possible to run parallel raids to the same dungeon (eg. 2 raids to Karazhan).
    Assume I am managing raid1 dkp and RL2 is managing raid2 dkp.
    Is it sufficient for both of us to form a raid before starting the raids, synch,
    then form a raid again after both our respective raids are done and synch again?
    (raid1 roster and raid2 roster considered mutually exclussive)
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    posted a message on DKPmon & Bidder v2.0
    Thanks for your reply on my question about a FCZS variant earlier on this thread.
    (external addon as cost provider, multiple pool support).
    It looks like the best way to go.
    Quote from Eraslin »

    iteminfo.zone is the name of the zone that you were in when the item dropped. You might consider just putting in a big ol' if-then in your :GetItemInfo(iteminfo) function that maps zone names to pool numbers.

    Looking over DKPmon code to see where zone is populated I find it in looting.lua:71 (local zone = GetZoneText()).
    Most other addons I know that deal with zones (map addons like atlas, gathering addons, bigwigs etc) are using GetRealZoneText
    The comment at the API page I'm linking suggests GetRealZone returns more standard zone names.

    I'm thinking to use Babble-Zone-2.2 for zone names instead of Periodic Table (seems overkill for just zone names).
    I'm worried that iteminfo.zone would have some discrepancies due to using different APIs.

    While I have your ear...
    If I choose the big ol' if-then idea (in fczs.lua) which seems easier to hack up in a hurry.
    My code will be something like
    if (iteminfo.zone) then
    if (iteminfo.zone == "Karazhan") then
    dkpinfo.poolIndex = 1
    dkpinfo.poolName = "Kaz/Gru/Mag";
    elseif (iteminfo.zone == ..
    . etc
    do I have to keep the exact duplicates in custom.lua?
    custom.poolnames = {
    [1] = "Kaz/Gru/Mag",
    .etc ?

    Thanks again for your input and a great addon.
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