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    [2007/04/19 23:52:18-1603-x3]: BigWigs-2.0 r33031\Extras\Proximity.lua:170: The proximity module is already running.
    <in C code>: ?
    AceEvent-2.0-32527 (Ace2):322: in function `TriggerEvent'
    AceEvent-2.0-32527 (Ace2):1009: in function <Interface\AddOns\Ace2\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:1002>

    1. Engage Maiden.
    2. Proximity window pops up, closing it.
    3. Wipe.
    4. Rez/re-engage, above error pops up (caught by bugsack that is).
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    posted a message on Strategy spammer ?
    BattleInfo by the late Tigerheart :( is what you specified
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    posted a message on RatingBuster
    Quote from LordRhys »

    do the options show up via Niagra, I use that mod now to do most of my option settings in Ace'd mods since its much easier than remembering every chat command setting or opening individual option windows.

    Why don't you open up Niagara and check for yourself?
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    posted a message on GrindStatus
    WoW PTR/2.1.0:
    new faction: Sha'tari Skyguard
    - Starts at Neutral.
    - Grouped under Shattrah City heading.

    (just making early mention :))
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    posted a message on Incoming damage statistic for tanks
    I finally decided to bugfix and re-post the continued / discontinued / recontinued Combatmonitor
    I had up put up during the BC beta.
    Should be working problem-free in the current WoW build.


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    posted a message on XLoot
    wowinterface + curse-gaming comments under MoveAnything (BC).
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    Quote from Azmodan »

    just a heads up...

    Rating buster does not work on the 2.1.0 PTR. :)

    It does with the newest TipHooker-1.0 lib.
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    1 part Babelfish + 1 part guesswork (don't know german) = en localization :P (seems ok though)

    Major addon drama thwarted ...

    (heck, that's what Babble 2.2 is there to help with, for mods that can make use of the translations it contains)

    assign random numbers to all libraries and draw a lot, might pick the correct one next time (babble is irrelevant here)

    Copy attached file to ImprovedTargetFrame folder and overwrite the existing.
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    posted a message on Looking for Healing Addon
    I believe you're looking for VisualHeal by xbeeps.

    I've never had a problem with ui.worldofwar.net, but browse with Firefox (+noscript) for extra peace of mind.

    Is the link to the latest version if you don't want to visit the main site.
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    posted a message on XLoot
    Nymbia you are my hero!
    The drycoded fix you commited seems to be doing the job on 2.1 PTR.
    This is one of the (maybe the) addon I would miss the most.

    On a loosely related subject.
    Would a thread for reporting addons that don't currently work on the PTR be a good idea?

    I have found small or bigger issues with a number of addons:
    sct (was a simple fix, look for IsFeignDeath() and replace with the new function : not UnitIsFeignDeath("player")--[[IsFeignDeath()]]
    TomTom (ok it's not Ace but it's Cladhaire's :) - small problem in MinimapIcon_OnUpdate also easily fixed)
    Lexan (Replacing the obsoleted GetDoublewideFrame() and SetDoublewideFrame(frame) with the new GetUIPanel("doublewide") and SetUIPanel("doublewide", frame) solves the popur errors but doesn't restore the functionality.. SetUIPanel("doublewide", nil) doesn't seem to be nilling the current doublewide frame properly :/)
    ItemLevelDKP (SetMerchantCompareItem in Hooks needs to be replaced with SetHyperlinkCompareItem)
    RatingBuster (TipHooker-1.0.lua) (SetMerchantCompareItem and SetAuctionCompareItem need to be replaced with SetHyperlinkCompareItem)
    I've also fixed MoveAnything and GatherSage (but both are totally unrelated to both this thread and the board),
    and was failing miserable on XLoot until Numbia came to the rescue.
    Ah. frame:IsVisible() needs to be replaced with frame:IsShown() everywhere (don't remember which of the above fixed addons had instances of that, just do a search/replace for :IsVisible() <->:IsShown() - including the ":" )

    PS. I'll edit out all the irrelevant parts of my post or move them if it's inappropriate to be here.

    PPS. The good news is that the bulk of Ace addons worked right off the bat (and I'm using a ton of them)
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    Quote from shieldb »

    Wow, I'm not sure if I'm more surprised that I missed including surface in the toc file for this long, or that no one has reported the issue sooner o_0


    This and other surfacelib related errors are actually an indirect effect of BigWigs moving to sharedmedialib :)
    I had noticed surfacelib was not included in the toc some time ago, but BigWigs was loading it for 90% of the people
    (including myself, and I'm sure BW is very popular)
    and the rest maybe using standalonelibraries and disembedding.
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    posted a message on Incubator - Trash respawn timers
    Quote from ozeantaucher »

    I've got the following error today:

    ...\incubator\core.lua:4 cannot find an instance of surface-1.0.

    I chanced nothing and reinstall the addon.

    German client.


    added after the other libraries in Incubator.toc
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    posted a message on DKPmon & Bidder v2.0

    Export module for posting the points database on phpbb forums in table format.

    Currently skips names with 0 points in all point pools.
    Color codes names according to class.
    Export is done in table format as shown in the following picture.
    (names are obfuscated as I'm not sure my guild would appreciate them posted :)).

    (extremely) poor man's alternative to eqDKP.
    Addon code is ugly, end result is passable.
    I'll consider it finished when I put in sorting (points, name, class) and selecting which pool to post,
    but these are very low priority.
    The main thing for me was to be able to post a snapshot of the points on guild forum and that is done.

    Attached below for anyone that finds it usefull.
    If you modify it further to a more "mature" form, feel free to repost.
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    posted a message on Incoming damage statistic for tanks
    I'm still using Combatmonitor PL (originally by Satrina, adapted by Saaten to use ParserLib).


    The one intermittent bug I haven't been able to track down is that the opponent list ends up containing 'nil' names,
    but it's a rare occurence.
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    posted a message on KLHThreatMeter send-only alternative
    Before the discussion branches off to a general discussion about addon ethics :)

    I don't see the correlation to Bigwigs.
    I find the Bigwigs design philosophy very appealing.
    Specifically the authors insistence in providing information about bosses but _not_ strategy and infact removing tactics when they slipped in the core addon.

    Boss abilities that are not to be visible don't have their triggers registering in the combatlog, don't do yells, don't do emotes.
    Boss abilities that give warnings ingame are meant to be observed.
    Bigwigs is imo true to what I described. Take information available and alter the presentation.
    Take that boss emote and move it from the chatframe to the center of the screen (save someone the trivial task of macroing a /rw)
    Every warning Bigwigs gives can be directly observed by someone in the raid without it but oftentimes in an obscure place.

    That basically leaves timers.
    From a purist perspective timers would be off-limits but I think all it does in this case is saving you the trouble of being creative with your own timers (ie cooldowns).
    Need a 10min enrage timer? Have a dps warrior last-stand just before engaging.
    He'll have a pretty accurate ingame timer of when 10min are almost up and can warn others. (not an actual recommendation, just proof of concept)

    There is a reason spells say "creates a moderate/high amount of threat" = qualitative definition.
    If blizzard ever puts in spell tooltips "produces 75 threat rating" and every time you do a move you see in your combat log:
    "heroic strike hits for 520 damage and 150 threat" we can talk again.

    Threatmeters do datamining (by compliling thousands of results), they reverse-engineer the game to produce results not available to the client normally.
    They do that in a legal Lua environment so they're not illegal.
    But not everything that _can_ be made, should be made or enforced for use.

    I'm generally a live and let live kind of guy and everyone is entitled to choose what they install in their interface folder.
    I'm just making a case for why I personally don't want it there, and why as a raid leader I have not chosen to use it.
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