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    I registered in hopes of finding some kind of resolution to my issue.

    I've been having an awful time with Pitbull lately. When I have debuff aura enabled on the target frame and multiple new debuffs are thrown up my fps is lagging like hell. The second I clear my target or turn off the debuff aura for the target frame all my lag problems go away. I've pretty much disabled everything I could for debuffs, like sorting, highlighting, etc and it isn't helping at all. Also when I drop combat in the raid I freeze for a second. I've talked to others in my guild using Pitbull and they seem to have this problem as well. I've seen people complain about it in this thread but so far it looks like it has not been an acknowledged issue by the development team. So for the past few nights I've been raiding without debuffs enabled. Kind of a pain in the ass when you have Winter's Chill or Imp. Scorch to keep up on a boss.

    I really like Pitbull and would prefer to keep using it, but the game freezing slightly everytime new debuffs are thrown up is a real turn off. To further clarify how I discovered the issue was with the debuff auras, I noticed my game would freeze during trash when everyone is stacking debuffs, so I would retarget my focus (I'm a mage and sheep stuff in Serpentshrine, Tempest Keep, etc) and the lag would instantly go away. Retarget something everyone else is on and debuffing would instantly cause the game to start freezing again. Any kind of help would be most appreciative.
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