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    I haven't seen a compilation of auction house mods so if there is one out there great, but heres what my idea of the ulitmate auction/item system.

    First of all I'd like to see it in one downloadable package, all mods even if its a compilation that has been recoded to work together.

    -An item database like lootlink, or itemsync or something along those lines

    -An auction database, Like autioneer or auctionmatrix.

    -The actual auction frame to have several things built in, Reset ( for clearing out searches), autofill for prices gained from the auction database, but that will store a price if you decide to change it from what it suggests, a tab for mass auctions. Hell rebuild the whole auction frame if you can.

    -The tooltip should show the merchant value of the item first(and should show sell value even if you don't have a merchant window open), then the auctiondata (both auctioneer and auctionmatrix do this) but when you aren't at the AH it only shows the median price and not all the other info that is helpful when trying to auction it.

    -Possibly add in mail features too, such as mass mailing and autoclaiming items from mail and deleting msg if its from somone sending you something. Customizable so you can have it only clear money if you don't want it to open all messages. Saves name of laster sender, and possibly a drop down menu of people you have sent mail to, so you can just click load a persons name.

    This seems pretty extensive, but it seems that every time we get a new patch something stops working because of a conflct with another addon. I want some kind of package that i can download and be reasonably sure that the bugs are fixed and everything is working with each other. Its really a pain in the ass to go searching for each individual addon and asking for a fix with another addon and waiting to download only to find out that its now not working with something else.

    I'm not expecting miracles, but a slow build towards this would be greatly appreciated and very much supported. If anyone else has input or ideas to add into this package feel free to.
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