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    posted a message on Grid r70310 -- what happened?
    I hadn't updated grid for about a week and one update it doesn't work any more...

    The display doesn't come out clean any more. I use Wowaceupdater to keep things up to date and grid is something I use heavily. The clean grid layout is replaced with somthing that looks like pipes the screan saver and about the size of one grid cell. I have tried everything to make display correctly to no avail. It has been traced back to the Grid module itself not any other grid module. It is the only on I have installed at the moment. It didn't help that this problem kept me from going to karahzan.

    I am going to look for a older version of grid to make it work in the mean time.

    A grid lover....
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    posted a message on Omen issue
    Ok Ace2 developers... I use Grid and Omen. One of the last updates made the two not work together. I had to uninstall all Ace2 to find this incompatibilty becuase I play tanks and healers both are very useful for both applications. Omen reports the error but it is do to a change in Grid, steming from Threat-1.0. When grid is installed omen doesn't work, but grid works fine. The error only shows upon death of a mob, something about itteration of targets reporting 'nil' when it expects a 'string', omen reports the error. Also on Omen when grid isn't installed, it has the word 'global' as a target. When Grid is installed that word goes away and omen doesn't work.

    I would like to see a fix to address this issue on omen or Grid
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