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    Love the addon... makes the 'forced farming' quests much easier, and farming for real even more so. Two requests; is it possible to remove all but one of the node circles on the map for each area? I end up with loads of them piled up in one place, looking like a mutant Olympic symbol; sometimes so many that it covers the 'there's a node here' dot. Or is that Gathermate? It's gathermate, and in the thread for that, I found out how to do it. (Set it to always show the circle, then set the circle's alpha to 0% / invisible, for anyone else who wondered)

    Also, any chance of being able to set part of a route 'show line gaps' and part not? Netherwing Ledge has so many nodes so clustered that with line gaps off, it looks almost solid white, and with them on, it looks like someone dropped a box of spaghetti. It's small enough that one could manually fly it, but the lines to follow make it a lot more efficient.

    (Added later) Another 'would it be possible', any way to flag a node as underground, so as to leave it out of a route? Most especially in Netherwing again, half the nethercite nodes are underground so you end up flying routes on stuff you can't get to. Even if they had to be done manually...
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