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    Quote from a thread at Clique dev site:

    Originally posted by bent42
    I use Xperl 3.1.2 r509 and Clique V40000-1.3.3

    I rebind Show Unit Menu to Shift-Right Button, and put a heal on the unmodified right button. This works fine on party frames, or on player, target, target of target, focus, etc. frames, but it seems buggy with raid frames.

    The binding appears correct in the Clique interface, but doesn't work in a newly joined raid. It will work if i re-bind it. It will not work on raid members who join the raid subsequent to the re-bind. If I restart the game, I have to re-bind. If I join a BG, I have to re-bind. All my other binds work as they should.

    This is the fault of the raid frames, they are overwriting the bindings that Clique is setting.. and it should not be doing that at all. lease contact that author.

    I've used this mod for a very long time and it's one of my favorites, but this behavior is very annoying.

    I apologize if this has been specifically covered below, not having this forum threaded makes it difficult to see whats happened in the past.

    It's not Clique's behaviour. Clique does the *exact* same thing with every single frame. It sets the click attributes when a frame is registered for click-casting or when the bindings change. This is precisely what it should do.

    The problem is XPerl is doing its initialisation incorrectly. At some point, it is setting its own attributes for right-click AFTER the frame has been registered for click-casting. This doesn't make sense in any universe.

    Please contact the unit frame addon author. Let me know what you find out.
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