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    posted a message on Map auto switches when I look at InstanceLoot
    I have had this problem for as long as I have used cartographer. I'm not sure if it's working correctly, or if there is a way to fix it.

    Basically, sometimes I like to look up loot tables of specific bosses when I'm sitting in Orgrimmar or just waiting for someone to show up the summoning stone. I open cartographer and it will be in the zone I'm in. Then I manually go look up the instance of choice, and click on the boss of choice which brings up the loot table on the right or left side.

    At this point everything is still fine. The second I mouse over the loot though, it auto switches back to the zone I was in.

    Is this working as intended? Is there an option to make it stick to a certain map? I have tried the lock map button but it does not fix it. Does it sound like a conflicting addon?
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