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    posted a message on question regarding SpeedFu and druid speed
    hello guys

    since i recently got 3 marshal items and thus the set bonus i played around a bit with the various speed bonuses druids can have.

    i have "SpeedFu" installed and this is what i got in various forms:

    catform: 150%
    travelform: 161%
    stealthed catform: 105%
    catform+dash: 184%

    what i think how blizz calculates those values:

    catform: 130% (+30% bonus from feline swiftness) + 130*15% (from set) = 150%
    travelform: 140% (+40% bonus from travelfrom) + 140*15% (from set) = 161%
    stealthed catform: 130% + 130*15% = 150 --> 150*70% (stealth reduces speed to 70%) = 105%

    so far so good, everything seems to match... basicly whats done it adds the bonus from either talent or travelform, then considers this new speed as 100% and then adds 15% to it... and in the end showing the speed relativ to the normal 100% run speed again... pretty weird i know...

    the most strange thing comes now tho:

    catform+dash: 160 (+60% bonus from dash) + 160*15% (from set) = 184%

    where the !#@* is the 30% bonus from the talent gone???

    so what i like to know is if you think that SpeedFu is making a mistake or has Blizz made a mistake with dash?
    what i saw in the code of SpeedFu it doesnt actually calculates the speed (ie. 100+30 or something like that) but it seems to _measure_ the speed, ie. taking your current position every few timestamp (maybe there's the mistake? wrong/relative time?) and then just calculates the distance you've run during that time. so u ll end up with "distance : time = speed".

    thx for reading ;-)
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