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    Is there a way to import all my settings from account to another? For ex: I have my rogue on one server then my mage (on a diff act) on the same server but I don't want to have to redo all of my settings.
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    Thanks a mill.
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    Hi I was wondering if there was a way to config the color of the text used in Pitbull. For EX: Player Name Text. Is there a way that I could say color my name blue, my HP red, and say energy pruple? I have looked all over and can not seem to find a way to change my text color in Pitbull.

    On a final note if there is a mod out there that can do this outside of Pitbull that would also work.
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    Quote from Phanx »

    All of those addons are either addons I use (and have no problems with) or are addons that don't contain anything that should disconnect you. A few are unsupported though, so you may want to look into replacing them with supported addons. Buffalo was officially abandoned by its author; you might look at SatrinaBuffFrame (on wowinterface.com) as a replacement. CooldownCount has long been unsupported and frequently conflicts with other addons; OmniCC (on wowinterface.com) does essentially the same thing, but is much better written, and supported by its author.

    Probably the only way to tell which addon is the problem is to disable all of your addons and log in. If the problem still exists, then it's not caused by an addon. Otherwise, enable all of your libraries (everything that starts with Lib:) and half of your addons, and log in. If the problem doesn't occur, disabled that half, and enable the other half of your addons. Once you find the batch that causes the problem, cut it in half and repeat the procedure until you're down to a single addon that causes the problem when enabled.

    Also make sure all of your addons are up to date; if you downloaded them as part of a compilation, it's quite possible many of them are out of date. Most of the addons on your list can be found at http://files.wowace.com/

    Well I did a much more indepth test of my random dc's and it looks like none of my addons were causing the problem. I am still unaware of what actually is wrong and why I am getting dced at all but after turning off all of my mods and playing a few AB's I got dced so I guess my next question is what is my next step in solving this?
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    Quote from HunterZ »

    I doubt that high CPU usage will be causing you to disconnect from the game. More likely you've got an item-related addon trying to query the server for an invalid item, or maybe you have an addon that is trying to communicate with other people's addons and is spamming too much information across the server.

    This is what I was thinking as well I guess the only thing I can do is list my addons and perhaps one of you may know the addon that is to blame.

    Bagon Forever
    Bagon Options
    Cooldown Count
    FuBar-Micro MenuFU
    FuBar 3.0
    Good Damage Font 2.0
    Lib: Abacus-2.0
    Lib: Abacus-3.0
    Lib: Ace2
    Lib: Ace3
    Lib: Babble-Spell-3.0
    Lib: Babble-Zone-3.0
    Lib: BanzaiLib
    Lib: Crayon-2.0
    Lib: Deformat-2.0
    Lib: DewDrop-2.0
    Lib: DogTag-3.0
    Lib: DogTag-Unit-3.0
    Lib: FuBarPlugin-2.0
    Lib: Glory-2.0
    Lib: GUILDRegistry-0.1
    Lib: Jostle-3.0
    Lib: Parser-4.0
    Lib: Proximity
    Lib: Rock-1.0
    Lib: RockConfig-1.0
    Lib: RockConsole-1.0
    Lib: RockDB-1.0
    Lib: RockEvent-1.0
    Lib: RockHook-1.0
    Lib: RockLocate-1.0
    Lib: RockModuelCore-1.0
    Lib: RockTimer-1.0
    Lib: RosterLib
    Lib: SharedMedia-1.0
    Lib: SharedMedia-2.0
    Lib: SharedMedia-3.0
    Lib: Sink-2.0
    Lib: SpecialEvents-Aura-3.0
    Lib: Tablet-2.0
    Lib: TalentQuery 1.0
    Lib: Threat-2.0
    Lib: Waterfall-1.0
    Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
    MSBT [Options]
    PitBull 3.0
    Prat 2.0
    Preform AV Enabler
    SharedMedia Additional Fonts
    UserKey Bindings by Quel
    MapQuords 0.32

    I know this is quite the list and I have no problem removing any mod that is "not needed" but like I said before I am not sure what I can and can not remove w/o making my current ui look poor.
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    posted a message on (UPDATED) cowtip brings my raid ui to a 2 fps crawl
    I have been having some problems with my new ui as well. I am currently using http://www.bellum-potentiae.de/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3674 the "Caith UI". The problem I am having is off and on I will be playing and go to ShS a target or vanish open on someone (normally happens when I throw several commands at the game quickly) and I will be immidietly booted from the server and have to log back on. I have spent alot of time trying to figure out what mod was doing this or if it was my Isp for some random reason.

    After all my testing I have come the the conclusion that it is for sure something in my UI but I am not 100% on what. Having no formal exp with any Lib: mod prior to this package and from what I have been reading in this post am I to assume that Lib: Dog Tag is to blame for this? Also on a side note I have removed parrot and cow tip from the ui so they are not to blame.

    If anyone has some information as to what would be causing this or even better a fix I would be very grateful. On a side note the reason I moved to this UI was because it looks very clean and I really enjoy the layout. Having said that I would like to keep it looking as close to it's current version w/o having to do a full 180 due to one of the mods in the list causing a problem.
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