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    Hello Comrads-in-arms,

    i still have the same problem as dogsalad which he describes in reply 711:

    Quote from dogsalad »

    After updating to the latest build I get the following problems:


    Guild Bank loses it's categories/columns. Sometimes they come back after I move/add/remove an item in the Guild Bank, but then it goes back to losing the categories a couple seconds later. I receive no errors.


    Guild Bank permanently flickers between the columns-view and the all-in-one view without columns. After a refresh it changes into column-view but after adding an item it loses the columns again. Additionaly the time for putting an item in/ out the Guild Bank increased a lot. it needs some second before i'm able to continue my work. Without Arkinventory this works without problems and delays.

    To avoid the problem i disabled all other addons, but it remains. The problem occurs with one of earlier 2.24-versions (i can't remember which one it was) and since then i have it with all versions.

    I'm great fan of Arkinventury, so i would be very happy if someone can help me with this!


    PS: please excuse my bad english, i'm working on improvement
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