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    posted a message on FuBar 3.0
    I'm not sure if this is a FuBar issue, but it occurs in the FuBar GUI. When I open the main FuBar GUI there is a listing of different add-ons on the left side of the menu. I like to periodically change my fonts in game and use this menu to access Prat configuration.

    When I open the drop down menu for different fonts my PC slows down drastically. Since there is no scroll bar I must use the mousewheel and it scrolls down 1 font every ~2sec.

    Is there a fix to this?
    Is there a way to enable a scroll bar for quick drop down menu access?

    Thanks in advance.
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    There are bar paging settings for each of the druid forms (bear, cat, moonkin and tree), however, I was wondering if it would be possible to add a paging setting for Swift Flight Form and Flight Form.

    The only reason I ask this is there are a few bombing dailies and it would be nice to give my birdy it's own bar upon shifting.

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    posted a message on Grid
    I'm sorry, if this is explained on an earlier page, but searching brought up no relevant results. I was wondering if there is a way to move people between raid groups with Grid.

    I have yet to figure this out.

    Thank you.
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    posted a message on CowTip 2.0

    First, I want to say this is a great addon and I really do appreciate the work you've put into making it what it is.

    I am a man who knows just enough to get his UI looking to way he wants, but has no knowledge regarding the code that makes things happen the way they do.

    Since the 2.4 patch I have been unable to view players talents when I mouseover them. I do not know what to type in or even where to type it in.

    I attempted to plug in some 'code' that a previous poster listed, but it was a failure. I don't know if you're suppose to add code from the Cowtip menu while ingame or if there is a file in the Cowtip folder that I must alter.

    If you can help me I really would appreciate it.

    Thank you.
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