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    Hmmm... I am not a coder at all, but it was just an idea.

    I guess my thought process worked like this:

    1. Banzai shows an alert with something similar to "Aggro from <insert mob name here>"
    2. Grid shows who currently has aggro in the raid via Banzai.
    3. A broadcast is made showing what mobs are attacking what tank.
    4. If four Ghouls are attacking 1 tank, it would broadcast as four ghouls to the other tank.
    5. Guess I thought a box could be made Banzai Box) that would show who currently has aggro on what.

    Maybe I don't understand how Banzai shows me aggro when I don't have the mob targeted or maybe I don't understand how "addressing" works. This is just my guess, but because 4 mobs are named the same it doesn't see 4 mobs, it only sees 1?

    Guess I was wrong though. Oh well, it was just a thought and interesting idea. I won't continue the thread any further. Thanks for the info.
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    Quote from Matrix110 »

    oRa/Pitbull and prolly other MT Frames are capable of displaying visually who has aggro at the mob the MainTanks are targetting.

    Ok... Think of it this way. We are currently working in Hyjal and Waves of Mobs come rushing out every 2 minutes. About 12 of them. You have around 4 Tanks during the waves (sometimes 5).

    If Bear tank had 3 mobs, it would show 3 mobs on him.
    If Warrior Tank had 2 mobs, it would show the 2... etc.
    If Another Bear tank has 5 mobs on him, it shows the 5 mobs. (Now watch this next line)
    If another Warrior tank has 2 mobs on him (making 12 mobs for the Wave), Bear Tank from first line could go and pick up 1 mob from Bear tank from third line and distribute the damage more evenly.

    With ORA2 or Pitbull, wouldn't I just see the Target of Target or Assist window? Every player would be included in this list, they would only show up if they had aggro though.
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    Our raids run with 3 to 4 tanks. They spend a lot of time taunting off each other. Raid icons are nice and convenient, but is there a mod that would list the players who are holding aggro on specific mobs? I use Banzai which shows who has aggro on my raid frames, but a breakdown of who in a user box would be convenient.

    To show tanks who currently has aggro during the fight. If three Tanks are present and there are 4 mobs to tank, a small box on the screen (similar to the omen, ktm, or violation whichever looked pretty) would show the Tank Name and the mob/s they are currently holding aggro on. This is NOT an assist mod.

    For example:

    |Brok: Mob Name 1 |
    |Tank2: Mob Name 2 |
    |Tank3: Mob Name 3 |
    | Mob Name 4 |

    If a Tank was to lose Aggro off a mob, a new player name would show up and that mob would then show up as aggroed on them.

    Mage1: Mob Name 1 as an example.

    Other Options
    Each Bar (Where Player name sits) could have a Taunt Cooldown Timer under their name that gathered information from combat log or from a broadcast.
    Options to ignore classes if needed.
    Options to ignore specific player

    I kind of think this would be a Visual Boxed Banzai Mod. Showing who has aggro in a list form at all times.

    Maybe there is already a mod like this?

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    I am getting the same behaviour as a poster above.

    Version I am running:
    r39030 currently from AceUpdater.

    Here is a picture:
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    I am currently using Rating Buster, (Yes, the latest version via WowUpdater) and I was wondering if there is a mana regeneration calculation problem.

    I personally count 18mp5 Mana Regen on this item below. In fact, taking the item on and off results in the character screen mana regen only going up or down 18mp5.

    EDIT: Forgot to add this, but notice "Mana Regen" is 24 in combat.

    Item in Question:
    Gladiator's Kodohide Tunic

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