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    posted a message on Problem with Deuce Commander
    i don't know if it's the right place to post this, i'm sorry if it's not.
    When i use Deuce Commander with BigWigs Thaddius Arrows i have an error saying that Thaddius Arrows has a space in one of his commands, in result Deuce Commander don't launch fully and make buggy some other mods.
    I make the same type of post on the Thaddius Arrows post in Ace2 Raid Addons sub-forum.
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    posted a message on Big Wigs Thaddius Arrows
    This mod cause an error with Deuce Commander, i'm at work and don't have the exact bug report.
    Something with thaddius arrows having a space in his commands.
    I warned the Deuce Commander mod author too.
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