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    Quote from Torhal
    Memory isn't the issue. It's CPU cycles, which directly affects your FPS.

    Clearly for quite a number of people, CPU cycles isn't the issue. It's the lack of an adequate solution presented by the alternative.

    It's fine that ora3 is technically superior. In an ideal world, my raid would run it, and I'd have extra cpu for other things, which would be nice. ora2 *is* ancient and I'm sure ora3 is better.

    The goal of superior code and efficiency is that of technical people, but most regular users just want usability and functionality. This is not an isolated incident of this schism!

    Still, it is not 'better' if it isn't acceptable to your userbase. To the programmers, this is progress, and users that don't get it. Personally, I'm happy to spare the time of my processor instead of my own game time, trying to push unitframe changes onto an entire raid.

    For those that need to keep ora2 running, the cooldowns are in ora2_participant\Participant.lua with the Ankh cooldown on 112, and the rebirth, soulstone and DI starting at line 125. See the previous page for a fix for the readycheck issue.
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    With Chronometer falling by the wayside, I thought I'd try out Spellreminder for tracking my various feral DoT's and debuffs, and I noticed some slightly odd behavior with both Mangle and Rip.

    Seems to work just fine with a single feral druid.

    With two druids, sometimes my mangle is shown, sometimes the other druids. Sometimes no mangle timer is shown at all, despite the debuff being present.

    Similarly Rip will occasionally disappear.

    As far as I understand, as mangle does damage and shows accurately in the combat log, per application, per druid, it should be trackable.

    Also, would these problems be in your code, or in a library that you use? I have yet to have a gander at the code but would happily do some testing with a guildmate, as it would be really nice to properly share debuffing with another druid.

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