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    (zombie thread) seconded. this is really annoying, especially when farming, and you're hopping on and off your mount regularly.

    also, either turn off or provide an option to show/hide the helm on various outfits instead of always forcing it to show.

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    posted a message on Sphere - Sphere Mod for all Classes
    hello! just found this mod this morning, and love it. Have been wanting a necrosis replacement, or cryolysis without all the extras, and this seems to fit the bill.

    you had mentioned 5 or 6 pages back that you were going to add back in the functionality to see all tool tips, if there were spells on right clicks, am i missing that?

    also, is there some sort of tutorial for dummies for putting things like soul shard count on the middle sphere?

    my one other suggestion would be to make the grey border on the buttons smaller.

    this is a great mod, i hope you continue to work on it, i'm now busy customizing it across my alts. thanks!
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