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    posted a message on ArcHUD 2.2 (2007-06-11)
    What sort of textures are you looking for exactly, maybe someone could make it for you. Unfortunately I don't think there are any other textures because of the original mods this is based off of, like MoogHUD.
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    Quote from Thortok2000 »

    Ark Inventory now uses this library to help sort the inventory. I would like to be able to sort my gear, and my quest items. That's pretty much the reason for the request. The turn ins are really helpful, but currently there is no category in pt3 for just gear in general, or quests in general. It's the only classification/category that I have to resort to AI's categories instead of PT3's categories.

    As an item classification database, you'd think that it should include every item and try to be a /complete/ item classification database. I wouldn't mind collecting data and helping out. Data collection is something I'm pretty good at.

    I second this request for the same reason as Thortok.

    My main is a Warlock so obviously I don't use any armor except cloth so if I complete a quest and get a plate chest because it would sell the best it goes into my soulbound category and then I have to either take the trouble to edit the bags to change the category to move it or just leave it there and hope I remember to sell it later. The whole reason I got AI was to fix not having to sort through my inventory as vigorously to find items to sell but without these categories I still have to do it and that defeats the purpose.

    I would even be happy with an explanation on how to make it myself and try to do it myself as it may take time but it would make my life easier.
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    posted a message on ArcHUD 2.2 (2007-06-11)
    I would like to say thank you for such a great mod. I loved Moog but the often error that I get was annoying me. So huzzah.

    If I could request/second the changing of the color bars. I prefer to have my pet bar orange like in Moog and the pet mana is a lighter blue then mine.

    I also would like to second/request a little more mobility with the pet bars. The ring inside of the ring isn't too nice looking to me. I prefer to have my pets health inside of my health, it's easier to watch and Health funnel upon need and the mana is easier to watch inside of my mana on the other side.

    Users that want to change the loc and size of their pet bars send me a PM and I would be happy to try and help you. I modded it for myself but you have to test and mod it to get it the way you like but it's really simple.
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    Quote from Arkayenro »

    so perhaps (without delving to far in the menu options) you can un-hide a category.

    bar menu>category>hidden (it should toggle)

    It does show the category but you have to toggle it off to turn it off. What I was wondering was that if you go into edit mode they show all bars so you can edit them as needed then when you toggle out of edit mode the hidden bars hide again.

    Quote from Arkayenro »

    if you hide the title bar the menu option fully disappears

    an icon in the top right hand corner should appear when you hide the title bar, it has the main menu linked to it.

    I saw the button but for some reason I couldn't click on it last night when I posted it. Perhaps I just wasn't clicking on it correctly. Ignore this request.

    Quote from Arkayenro »

    something that labels the areas with the category that is in them

    bars have multiple categories, but i'll add it to the todo list.

    I understand that some bars have multiple categories that's why I also said maybe even just making custom categories have the name over the bar.

    I want to thank you again.
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    Arkayenro: I want to personally tell you that I understand what you go through listening to poor old beggars like myself. I love your work. I'm glad I found it. I commend you for what you go through every day on keeping up with a mod. /salute

    Now on to the Beggar stuff.

    I attempted to read all 30 pages to see if you knew/already were working on some of the things I've attempted to work around but haven't been able to.

    My first thing is I think a bug. When you are editing your bags for a long amount of time (like initial setup or perhaps large amounts of changes probably 10 + minutes) the change bag slider begins to disappear when you mouseover the slider frame, this includes just leaving it in edit mode without making changes. I have to log to get it to work again. You don't have to fix this. Logging takes like 30 seconds to a minute on my computer but I thought I'd make you aware.

    My second thing is maybe more personal then anything but it would be nice that in edit mode you can see hidden categories so perhaps (without delving to far in the menu options) you can un-hide a category.

    My third thing is that if you hide the title bar the menu option fully disappears. Perhaps there is a way to move that button to a bar like the gold bar, add the options to the slash commands or perhaps put the title bar back in, in edit mode because technically using the menu options is editing the interface/menu of the mod. The only way I have found to fix it is to reset the DB which resets all options for all characters even if it was on accident.

    My fourth thing, and I believe this was already mentioned, is something that labels the areas with the category that is in them. It would make a lot of people happy for me to suggest this with adding this, the ability to enable/disable seeing the name of the categories above the boxes. I can handle not having this as I can identify items but it is easier on the eyes to see the actual names of the categories, or you can set it to where custom categories (IE FR gear, SR Gear, Stamina Gear, etc) show the name. I will disagree that you absolutely have to do this because seriously if someone really needs a way to identify item sets they should use ItemRack but it would be handy for categories that aren't Gear Set based, ie Trinket, Weapon, AH, etc.

    The last thing I can think of, and this was on a whim sort of for nit picky people that may want to sort items by type/slot but maybe a way to subcategory things, by this I mean what someone mentioned just last page but perhaps making categories that you can choose with subcategories like Consumable.Food.Edible.Cheese.Bonus makes something like:
    Where You can choose any of the above categories for the item like just Consumable, or Consumable>Food>Edible and it puts it into the according bag. This is more of an end user sort of deal because you can make a custom category but some people that aren't so accustomed to doing things may not be able to use it as well as others who do but it would make for an easier end user sort of category assortment. Perhaps you may also be able to make a multiple category thing (like a check mark system) For people that want to group things like FR/Stam or FR/Intel and they can then make their category separation for FR and then from there it would be Stam and Intel are separate categories. I hope, at least on this one, it makes a little of sense because I'm trying to be thorough without being too overwhelming. (I've probably been pretty overwhelming this whole post, Sorry).

    I once again want to thank and commend you Arkayenro, my husbands bags will be clean and manageable when he gets back from BCT (I'm a clean bag freaks so this mod is very helpful). I'm glad this mod was made and I didn't have to start a new hobby to figure out how to make it myself. /hug

    Thank you for listening to this long, overwhelming, thorough post from me and if you have questions or anything I will be back to answer them because some of these things are important to me. You can also PM me with questions.
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