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    Quote from cerement »

    Gonna add my support to this. Would definately like to have a nice clean line of buttons to move around rather than the barnacle clutter encrusting the minimap.

    Hmm, possible name for the mod? :)
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    Natur's Enemy Cast Bars is about the closest thing I know of to a complete spell database addon. No idea what hooks (if any) are available though.
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    If you're looking for healing mana conservation, consider a mod like Simply Magical Healer which downranks the type of heal you want (fast like Flash Heal, or slow like Greater Heal) depending on your +heal gear, +heal buffs (Power Infusion, ZHC, Hib. Crystal, etc), -health deficit of the target, debuffs on the target like Mortal Strike, etc. Aside from not using Ace libraries, it's awesome. :)
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    Quote from Rabbit »
    Quote from Carpone »
    I'm not clear how much more effort is being put into supporting the Ace1 version of BigWigs.

    None at all.

    Time for some zone specific threads in the Ace2 forums perhaps?

    Quote from Sarinthal »

    Could someone do me a huge fav and write in a 10 and 5 sec warning for Shield Wall in the Instructor Rav fight? thanks.

    A shield wall timer bar is more useful imho. It lets the next MCer know exactly when they need to be in position to taunt+shield wall.

    Unrelated to Razuvious, some of our hunters and I went through BWL last night for the first time with BW2. We absolutely love seeing the Tranq Shot bars for Flamegor. It's a huge enough feature that more of our hunters will be using BigWigs. Big thumbs up.
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    For Maexxna, it would be very useful to healers to have selectable frames for the three people affected by Web Wrap (cocooned up on the wall). How difficult would it be to support automatically populating the oRA/CTRA player target frame when Web Wrap is detected on a raid player?

    edit: As an aside, should I be posting encounter suggestions here in the one-size-fits-all BigWigs Ace2 thread, or post them in the appropriate Ace1 BigWigs Zone thread? I'm not clear how much more effort is being put into supporting the Ace1 version of BigWigs.
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    Quote from Jinkin »

    How about something like

    • Player
    • Group
    • Class

    And ability to set 6 different states of priority 0-5 0 5 being the one with highest priority and 0 being no debuffing at all
    Player selected priorities should be checked before group and class ones.
    Selecting a player to the priority list would probably be easiest by adding it to the list manually by writing in the name, which should be stored until manually reseted.

    Decursive visualizes the target priority list very well, and makes populating the list very fast on-the-fly (those group and class buttons are invaluable). I am hoping detox incorporates similar priority list management methods.

    Something about the priority list that hasn't been mentioned yet: debuff priorities. As a priest in BWL doing lab packs, I'm not interested in seeing/dispelling Thunderclap but I do want to see who is Greater Polymorphed. In a similar vein to CTRA's decursive-like functionality, I'd love to be able to raise the priority rating of certain debuffs so I see/dispel them first. An example of this would be during Chromaggus in BWL. As a priest, I can dispel Brood Afflication: Blue (magic) and Brood Afflication: Red (disease). I am much much more interested in cleansing Blue from casters first than Red from any class. This feature could be further refined on a debuff-by-debuff basis to automatically set the debuff priority based on what class it's cast on. For example, Curse of Tongues during Ossirian the Unscarred has no effect on warriors/rogues, so why even display/dispel them? Likewise, for Anubisath Defenders in AQ40, there's no reason to see/dispel Dust Cloud on mages, warlocks or priests.
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    posted a message on Everyone who dislikes CTRA, please read
    Tekkub, thank you for spearheading this! It's a great victory to see Blizzard support this in the next patch.
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    Yes, a FuBar plugin for oRA_Cooldowns would be most welcome.

    If not a FuBar plugin, the other logical integration point would be with something like XRaidStatus.
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    posted a message on CT_RaidTracker equivalent?
    Ditto that.

    I currently use CTRT and have 685 raids stored, which results in a memory usage of nearly 30Mb (my largest addon by far). Of course I could zero out the database file from time to time, but that defeats the purpose of having an in-game, browsable raid tracker.
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