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    Can you please delete line 31 in Shaman.lua
    self.ElementalPrecision = 1
    in function ClassInit

    as it ist called from ThreatClassModuleCore 223-225



    the wonderful threat reduction scaned in ScanTalents get overwritten by ClassInit

    this should solve the miss calculated threat problem.

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    Quote from OrionShock »

    Your Elementals are not your pet's.. thus not calculated; not a bug or glitch - working as intended -- have a day.

    Technically they are not my pets but the pets of my totem, true.
    But i do not see why this is a reason not to calculate their threat level. A party member is no pet, and is calculated. I do not bother if my Elemental is a pet's pet or a pet.
    As a matter of fact, i have an interest in knowing, if i produce more aggro, then my totem or not.
    The Totem data is shown in combat log, so it should be possible to calculate it.
    Quote from OrionShock »

    as for the aggro on the Draenei priest regen, do the testing post the results.

    @ Dev & note to self: consider putting a toturial about how to do testing into wikil.

    With this kind of remark, NO.

    -- have a day

    Just changed my mind, do a simple search over all your programm files for "Symbol of Hope" and you will see that Threat lib doesn't even know that spell. Therefore there is no chance, it can consider it.

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    Threat Library is currently ignoring some threat source.
    - Draenei Priest mana Regen ability. Generates a lot of threat but doesn't show up.
    - Shaman pets don't show up, as any other totem with own aggro list, i don't really care for my magma totem, but my earth elemental totem, would be really useful it would show up.
    - Shaman heal spells seem to be calculated too low. A 5000 heal from Healing Wave shows up only for 200 aggro, but this should be much higher.

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    I just tested omen r45044 thread r46712. And I'm wondering if i do something really wrong as omen is showing me complete corrupt data.
    I made a fresh clean addon folder to avoid interferance. I ran some simple tests, solo shaman, show solo activ
    Shaman attacking target using Earth Elemental .
    Earth Elemental doesn't occure in the omen thread list.
    Attacking single target using lightning bolt.
    3030 Hit 3k thread, well as i got elemental precision this value is wrong, it should be 2,7k for 10% aggro reduction, older versions of omen did this correctly.
    Testing Frostshock to validate, if somethings really broken
    Frostshock has it's 200% aggro, but again Elemental Precision is ignored
    Healing Wave for 5k Heal only generates a thread of 200, without any anti healing aggro skills.
    Gift of the Naruu produces 200 Thread for 400 Healing.
    this last one may be correkt, but sound really strange

    I realy like the idee of omen, but in the current state it's just useless.

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