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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    I have a peculiar problem that I was hoping someone could help me with. I've set up a custom category in which I've dropped a few Misdirection macros. Not sure that it matters, but here's what they pretty much all look like (the macro below has Misdirect cast on my pet):

    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /cast [exists,target=pet] Misdirection

    I assigned the keyboard shortcut to the E key and checked (enabled) the option "Rearrange order on Use" so that I could easily switch between my Misdirect macros. It works as expected until I mount and then for some reason, autobar reverts the button back to the first macro that I dropped in.

    If I dismount, it remains as the first macro. If I use one of the other macros in the "drawer" then it properly moves it to the top of the list... until I mount and then it resets the button. I've also found that this happens when I cross zone boundaries - even sub-zone boundaries like going in or out of an inn.

    Note that all of my other autobar buttons work properly, though they are all stock buttons.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I enabled debugging and got the following when changing sub-zones:

    ZONE_CHANGED time: 23741.365
    ACTIONBAR_UPDATE_USABLE time: 23742.694
    --> DELAYED arg1 UpdateScan time: 23742.694
    DelayedUpdateScan <-- time: 23742.654

    I got this when I mounted:

    SPELLS_UPDATE_COOLDOWN time: 23981.001
    SPELLS_CHANGED time: 23981.001
    --> Delayed arg1 UpdateSpells time: 23981.002
    --> Delayed arg1 UpdateCategories time: 23981.006
    SPELL_UPDATE_COOLDOWN time: 23981.009
    DelayedUpdateCategories <-- time: 23981.091

    .. in both cases, the custom button reverts to the initial ordering, disregarding my "last selected" choice.
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    posted a message on No icons showing on mini-map - no errors
    I just started using ACE2 recently and decided to give Cartographer a try. Using the WAU I marked ACE2 and all Cartographer modules for download. Everything appears to have downloaded and installed properly - the appropriate mods show up in the WoW addons interface. Within the game, ROCK shows Cartographer and all of the modules, but none of the map icons appear.

    I was able to get the "Vendor" icons to appear by clicking the "Refresh" button under that option within Rock, but most don't a button like that. Am I missing something? Is there an extra step that I need to do to initialize everything on the map for the first time? I initially got this so I could see the flight points, which are not showing up.

    As noted in the topic - I am not receiving ANY errors, so I have none to report. Any help would greatly appreciated.

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