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    I havent changed my settings in ArcHUD in some time..... but today I wanted to adjust a few pieces arround.

    Every time I unlock the target frame, and put it in the new position, relock the frame. If I adjust anything such as vertical or horrizontal, it pops the target frame to the center of the screen.
    If I move it back, lock it, it will stay there, untill I log out and back in, and bam it is in the middle of my screen.

    I blew away my saved var for ArcHUD, and the exact same thing continues to occur.
    If I restore my Saved Var.... adjust everything as to how I want it (except the target frame). Log out and manualy edit my x y for the target frame, all comes out fine and dandy. But the moment I change anything, POW its back to the center of the screen.

    No errors occur.

    I am having the identical problem. Every time I log out of game and come back in I have to move the target and target-of-target frames anew.

    Any info?

    I was having the same problem but I was able to fix it. Create a new profile, I changed my from Default to Default1 and then reload your interface or logout and back in. This will put all your settings back to the defaults, but after setting them all back to where I wanted my target frame stayed where I put it for all characters.

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