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    greate idea!
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    Quote from sid67 »

    The [LEVEL] tag is part of how Overload is storing the quests. He is using it to differentiate the quests. I was planning on writing an importer, but decided against it when I learned that he was adding the functionality in a future release.

    Here is my updated file... It is Horde only and includes merges of the above databases. Anyone else have any updates??

    Edit: Forgot to add the file. There are 451 quests included. If you consider that there are perhaps 2,500 active quests with objectives, this means we only have about 20% of the quests captured.

    Here is what the level spread looks like:
    Level 1-9: 35
    Level 10-19: 34
    Level 20-29: 10
    Level 30-39: 74
    Level 40-49: 63
    Level 50-59: 49
    Level 60-64: 100
    Level 65-69: 61
    Level 70: 25

    Very nice, i got a few you can add to the list, mostly lvl68-70 horde, if i remember correct. :)
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    Is there a way to incorporate a list of cords and cord names into Cartographer_waypoints?

    I got a list of quests from lvl1-70 and it would be fun to have an arrow pointing me all the way from lvl1 to 70. Mayby it would need a next/previous in list feature.
    But if i made a list like:

    [40,3; 62,1][Accept quest: Sarkoth]
    [40,9; 67,7][Kill: Sarkoth]
    [40,3; 62,1][Turn in quest: Sarkoth]
    and so on...

    Would it be possible to import it somehow?

    I see there is a semi related post here:
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