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    There seems to be some mismatch in embeds.xml, by changing:
    <Script file="libs\Babble-Spell-3.0\lib.xml"/>
    <Script file="libs\LibBabble-Zone-2.2\Babble-Zone-2.2.lua"/>

    <Script file="libs\LibBabble-Spell-3.0\LibBabble-Spell-3.0.lua"/>
    <Script file="libs\Babble-Zone-2.2\Babble-Zone-2.2.lua"/>

    I got it working for me locally. Not sure if it is 100% correct but... :)
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    Quote from Adirelle »

    It avoids recreating a new table every time this function is created (and thus fixes a memory leak).

    As I'm new to lua and wanting to learn (plus that I was the one posting some of the code you quoted as a qnd fix :) ) could you please explain about the above statement? Will
    Klappa.db.profile.buttons[self.index] = {};
    cause an actual memory leak as in memory will never get released (if so why, and how should you "free" a collection with data?), or will it just cause the garbage collector to do more (unnecessary) work?

    Assigning a variable the way you mentioned seems like a neat trick and good practise indeed.

    If I find some spare time I might dabble with Klappa to see if I could make it so that I have different setups depending on whether I am in a (raid) group or soloing and that Klappa would make the switch automatically when I join/leave. As I have a healer I have very different needs when raiding and soloing :)
    That's not impossible to do due to blizzards constraints is it? If so please tell me now before I start messing about ;)
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    Quote from Adelea »

    Ive had this happen, but only when i've inadvertently dragged off or replaced the contents of one of the top level buttons.

    I've had this too and I think it can be solved by changing:
    Klappa.db.profile.buttons[self.index] = {};

     local pbuttons = Klappa.db.profile.buttons[self.index].popupButtons;
     local npopups = Klappa.db.profile.buttons[self.index].popups;
     Klappa.db.profile.buttons[self.index] = {};
     Klappa.db.profile.buttons[self.index].popupButtons = pbuttons;
     Klappa.db.profile.buttons[self.index].popups = npopups;

    close to the top in the function Klappa.Button.prototype:ButtonDrop() in KlappaButton.lua.
    Info about the popup buttons is lost when replacing the spell on a main button.

    I'm new to lua so this is the qnd way to fix it but at least it seems to work for me locally :)
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