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    posted a message on FuBar HeyFu - A Whisper Tracker v1
    despite the "lastTell" error on login there isn't any problem for me with HeyFu, Personal Secretary still works for me.
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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Quote from chiefcastor »

    Is there a way to make baggins open when I hit "b" or click a bag instead of it opening my default bags.

    simply set b to open the baggins bags in the keybinding menu ;)

    Quote from chiefcastor »
    That and the fubar plugin not being movable and not being able to change the font size on fubar are really the only thing I can find that I dont really like about the addon. It is awesome.

    i don't have a problem to move the fubar plugin around, just 10mins ago i accidently dragged it to another bar. you may have locked the whole fubar?
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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    thanks a lot for adding the indicators ;)

    Quote from Nargiddley »

    ...that along with more default looking bags I want to get in eventually ...

    if you are adding something that makes the bags look more like the default bags please make it optional, i really like the way the bags currently look like.
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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    i was so happy to find baggins be the bag addon with all the features i ever wanted, thanks allot ;)

    the only "feature" i would like to see added is a indicator in the fubar-dropdown list if a bag is allready open or not. something like
    *stuff (if open)
    currently i sometimes miss to open all bags that are not set to "open with all" and don't find a specific item form which i don't know where i put it :P
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    Quote from rfh »


    I use AGUF for quite some time now. However, since WoW Patch 2.0.1, there is a problem with the HealthBar coloring. When I try to use Raidcolors as HealthBarcolor, every Character exept the Shaman uses the correct Color. The Shaman, instead of his regular 'pink'ish Color in Raids, suddenly has a blue Healthbar (wich should be pink...).

    In the ag_Variables.lua file I found 2 entries for Shaman Raid Color, one blue and the original one. By deleting the blue one I was able to get the Class text color to pink again, but the HealthBarcolor seems unaffected and stays blue...

    I read the last few pages of this topic just to make sure this wasn't already noted by someone.

    I use the most up-to-date version of aguf from the servers with a deDE Client, if it helps :3

    you might have noticed that with TBC there will be shaman and paladins together in a group ... up to 2.0 they shared the same color (pink). with 2.0 they introduced a new classcolor for shaman, the light green/blue you're seeing now. :D so everything is working all right ;)
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBar vs ElkBuffBars
    ElkBuffBars is a test version, most likely not working properly.
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    posted a message on OneBagSorterd - RFI
    Quote from SpUpUz »

    you need periodic table.

    periodic table isn't needed as a standalone, its embedded.

    maybe you got the version with the missing libs, try to grab the newest zip from /files and try it again
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    posted a message on cyCircled - Circled buttons for more than just BT2
    Quote from Xuerian »

    Elite_Gamer04: It's still there, but the textures are generally the same texture as the main one in all the skins, so it just gets a little more opaque. They need different ones ;)

    tazmanyak: I did the black sprockets, and they really, really wouldn't look good scaled up that large. We don't have contact with the person who did, iirc, he posted a mockup and vanished, drey extracted the icon from the prototype

    edit: I looked, and Craygz, the person who posted the mockup is still active (oops) if you could get ahold of him and get him to give sairen higher detail psd's or png's, I'm sure he could do a minimap skin with them ;)

    more or less by accident i looked into this topic and saw this post, a bit old, but still: if you need the texture i created for sprocket - grab it from the attachment (it's a psd file)
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    posted a message on Looking for something similar to rangerecolor for TBC?
    there is indeed a TBC version of OmniCC up at wowinterface, the only problem is that OmniCC ist just for displaying Cooldown Counts (CC...) :P
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames (Release 7/19/2006) alpha version
    Quote from Oh420 »

    another suggestion from me. In a raid make it display which group number youre in. I was gonna make a custom tag but I chouldnt find it in your "Watchdog" custom unit status tags page

    [raidgroup] is what you are looking for, didn't made it to the wiki yet ;)
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    posted a message on oRA2
    would someone be so nice to apply this diff to the ora2 core? (or fix the problem in some other way)
    currently it is not possible to change the texture of the StatusBars if you are using the german client
    Index: Core.lua
    --- Core.lua	(revision 13840)
    +++ Core.lua	(working copy)
    @@ -45,6 +45,17 @@
     	[" ...hic!"] = " ...hic!",
     	["Request status"] = "Status anfordern",
     	["Request a status update"] = "Eine Status-Aktualisierung anfordern",
    +-- texture handling in the core yeah baby
    +	["Textures"] = "Texturen",
    +	["default"] = "default",
    +	["otravi"] = "otravi",
    +	["perl"] = "perl",
    +	["smooth"] = "smooth",
    +	["striped"] = "striped",
    +	["bantobar"] = "bantobar",
    +	["smudge"] = "smudge",
    +	["charcoal"] = "charcoal",
    +	["Set all statusbar textures."] = "Texturen der StatusBars festlegen.",
     } end)
     L:RegisterTranslations("koKR", function() return {
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    posted a message on GotWood?
    Quote from Gungner »

    It might just be my own retardedness but I cannot figure out how to get the Bantobar texture back using the newest version.
    The default Blizzard looks is boring :(

    BantoBar as the default texture was removed from CandyBars. To get back some nice looking texture Moonsorrow has to set the CandyBar texture per SetCandyBarTexture.
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    posted a message on GotWood?
    Quote from Caen »

    Is this a Call of Elements replacement yet or is that still be worked towards?

    most likely it will never be one ... it is a totem timer addon, not a "do-everything-related-to-totems-in-one" addon
    nevertheless i use it in conjunction with sprocket to replace Call of Elements.
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    Quote from freedon »

    Quote from Seidr »

    Bongos ---> Bartender2 or Pubcrawl
    RedRange ---> Range Recolor

    it doesn't make any sense to replace good written addons just to have them aced. i tried both RedRange and Range Recolor, there is no noticeable difference. The memory footprint of RedRange is even slightly smaller (and i don't mean the one on start-up, we all allready know that Ace2 addons are a bit bigger there...).
    The same goes for OmniCC and Bongos. The only reason you might want to switch from bongos to another actionbar mod is if you don't need all of it's functionality, then try out those others.
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    posted a message on Grid
    my thoughts:
    simply coloring the border sometimes isn't visible enough. healing a hunter would result in a green box with a green border, same if the hunter is poisoned or a warlock is cursed
    so why not keep the black borders all the time and simply add an second border around those, this way you can easily see the difference between button "filling" and it's border. additionally the button gets visually a bit bigger if it needs your attention.

    even a combination of border and corner coloring could be possible without cluttering the box too much. (we still want to see the health, right? :P)

    (the colored borders in the mock-up represent poison and curse alerts, while the colors in the corners represent aggro and healing)
    Edit: just noticed the mock-up could be a bit dark, my tft is simply toooo bright :(
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