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    I just downloaded Assessment r61567.3 from files.wowace.com and have been getting errors about a missing "LibBabble-Spell-3.0" from this mod.
    Line 50 of embedded lib "Threat-1.0" is wanting LibBabble-Spell-3.0 while only version 2.2 is included. however changing the line to want version 2.2 just results in an error about a missing babble-spell-2.2

    What is really odd is that getting this error does not happen everytime I log into wow. seems to depend on whether wow loads another mod that provide the 3.0 of the babble-spell. If I disable all addons but Assessment I always get this error.

    I managed to fix it by coping both LibBabble-Boss-3.0 and LibBabble-Spell-3.0 in to the libs folder of assessment and adding their respective "lib.xml" file to the "embeds.xml". I got the libbabble-*-3.0 files from the omen addon. Everything seems to be working just fine so far. No more errors, period.
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    posted a message on BigWigs -- Possible to prevent it from entering standby?
    I use the slash command "/bw extras custombars local * *" alot while soloing or not. BigWigs has this annoying habit of going into standby seemingly at random. At which point when i try to create a custom timer i get a error about bigwigs being in standby. Is there an option somewhere I can enable that will make bigwigs NOT enter standby period or can we make it so instead of getting that error message just have bigwigs enable itself??

    Or what exactly am I looking for in the lua files and I'll prevent standby myself :P
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    posted a message on perl script updateing addons from /files/
    It is a wonderful script. Does exactly what I want nothing less nothing more. :D
    I usually spend about 30 minutes updating my mods every big patch or 3 weeks.
    This script eliminates all of that.

    If it wasn't for the fact that I knew nothing about perl when I started this, I could have probably found a better way to make that for loop. I cringe every time I look at it. Now I understand why you either love it or hate it. I love the flexibility and power it displays in this tiny script but I detest perls syntax no matter how close it appears to other languages.

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    posted a message on perl script updateing addons from /files/
    I know this is a long dead thread but I've updated dafire's original perl updater.
    it now works from files.wowace.com rather than from wowace.com/files/ which seems to no longer work.
    All i did was redesign get_wowace_addonlist to work off a XML file; I also tweaked a few config options and output messages.

    use strict;
    use LWP::Simple; #Contains the function used to download files.
    use XML::Simple; #Contains the function need to parse the xml file :P
    #use Data::Dumper; #Used by the currently commented out Dumper function.
    use XML::Dumper; #Used to save our cache file. Dunno why XMLout() wouldn't work.
    use Archive::Zip qw( :ERROR_CODES :CONSTANTS ); # The archive extractor, duh!
    my $basedir = qq(/tmp); #only used by the default values of $addondir and $addonzip
    my $addondir = qq($basedir/addons); #location extract the addon zips too
    my $addonzip = qq($basedir/addonszips); #location to save the downloaded zips
    # You shouldn't need to mess with anything below here.
    # Unless of course there is an update to how you get the wowace zip files.
    my $wowaceurl = "[url]http://files.wowace.com";[/url] #Base url used to fetch the addon zips and for fetching the XML file below.
    my $wowacefile = "latest.xml"; # name of the XML file containing the info on all the addon revisions.
    my $configfile = $addondir."/cache.xml";
    my $wowacelatesturl = "$wowaceurl/$wowacefile";
    my $wowacelatestfile = "$addondir/$wowacefile";
    my $config = {};
    sub get_wowace_addonlist
      my $addons = {};
      my $doc = XMLin($wowacelatestfile);
      #PERL sucks. It made what should be a simple for loop
      # and made it this horrible disfigured for loop.....
      for my $item ( @{ $doc->{channel}->{item} } ) {
        $addons->{lc $item->{title}} = [$item->{title},$item->{'wowaddon:version'}];
      return $addons
    sub get_wowace_updateable_addonlist
      $config = shift @_;
      my @addons;
      opendir DIR, $addondir;
      while (my $addon = readdir(DIR))
        next if (($addon eq ".")||($addon eq ".."));
        next if (! -d "$addondir/$addon" );
        $addon = lc $addon;
        if ($config->{wowace}->{$addon})
          push @addons, $addon;
      closedir DIR;
      return @addons;
    sub check_update_wowace_addon
      my ($addon) = @_;
      my $addonname = $config->{wowace}->{$addon}[0];
      my $availversion = $config->{wowace}->{$addon}[1];
      if ((!$config->{updated}->{$addon}) || ( $config->{updated}->{$addon} < $availversion))
        print "UPDATING: $addonname (r".$config->{updated}->{$addon}." -> r$availversion)\n";
        my $zip = Archive::Zip->new("$addonzip/$addonname.zip");
        $config->{updated}->{$addon} = $availversion;
      } else {
        print "uptodate: $addonname (r$availversion)\n";
    print "checking addons directory... ";
    if ( -d $addondir ) { print "ok.\n"; } else { print "failed.\n"; }
    print "checking addonszips directory... ";
    if ( -d $addonzip ) { print "ok.\n"; } else { print "failed.\n"; }
    if ( -f $configfile )
      print "Loading cache...\n";
      $config = xml2pl( $configfile );
    } else {
      print "New cache...\n";
    print "Get Addonlist from wowace.com...\n";
    $config->{wowace} = get_wowace_addonlist;
    print "Checking updateable Addons...\n";
    my @updateable = sort(get_wowace_updateable_addonlist($config));
    print "Update Addons...\n";
    foreach (@updateable)
    #print Dumper($config);
    #XMLout($config, AttrIndent => 1, OutputFile => $configfile);
    undef $config->{wowace};
    pl2xml( $config,$configfile );
    print "Done!\n";
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