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    I have a problem with GotWood and other mods. Every time i reload the ui, start the game or change the charakter i see the old totems i used last. But when i try to click them for recast an error message pops. Atm its says this:

    s\LVBM_API.lua:2474: bad argument #1 to
    'find' (string expected, got nil)

    After disabling La Vendetta i will get this:

    1.0\SpellStatus-1.0.lua:457: SPellCache-
    1.0: Bad argument #2 to 'GetSpellData'
    (string or number expected, got nil)

    I hope you can fix it.

    In addition i changed the timer format in GotWood_ButtonClass.lua to this:

    text = format("%2d", s)
    text = format("%1d:%02d", m, s)

    I didnt like your one since you always saw something like this


    It was really hard to seperate them.
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