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    posted a message on Aguf laggy...
    Been using aguf for awhile now with no problems whatsoever...downloaded the new AGUF version for pacth 2.1 and it seems to work fine, until i zone into a Battleground. Basically what happens is i load the battleground, get past the loading screen, and right when im in the battleground instance(can see my character, party members etc), everything just freezes up for 3 min+ before getting back to normal...and it only happens when I have aguf loaded. When I dont have aguf loaded, everythign works as it should...any ideas?

    Oh and in order to isolate the addon/issue, i also tried deleting my wtf/wdb/cache/interface folders(putting wow in a pristine user state) and just used aguf by itself...same lag/freeze issue as described above, which only appears to occur when loading into battlegrounds, hoever i have not tried the same with 25 man instances...
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