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    Apologies if these questions are answered elsewhere -- I've read the faq, scanned the wiki and this thread, and experimented, but haven't found the answer.

    What's the correct way to deal with grouped/bundled addons, such as DeadlyBossMods or LightHeaded? That is, mods which, in a single zip, include several addons? In my brief experimentation with WUU, it seems that some DBM subdirectories identified curse (http://www.curse.com/downloads/details/4940/) as a source, and some did not. However, updating any or all of the sub-mods required WUU to go download the entire grouped zip for each one. (I didn't verify what actually got upgraded when I did that -- at the very least it's really inefficient.)

    DeadlyBossMods is a good example because they further complicate the issue: There are two separate downloads on the curse page. Higher level sub-mods are in one, and lower level ones are in the other. I didn't find a way to have WUU download the mods which are in the "additional" zip, though pointing WUU to the above curse link convinced it to download the main zip (which does actually not contain the additional subdirectories). To further complicate the matter, both zips contain the DBM_Other submod with different capabilities, although you could always safely install the lower level one and get full options.

    Hopefully my question makes sense -- let me know if it doesn't, and if I'm missing how to set this up effectively. If I can get WUU working right, it will eliminate a fairly complex set of scripts I've had to write to keep my custom collection of wowace/svn, dbm, lh, wowui, and cosmos mods running smoothly. Thanks!

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