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    You're talking to the author of Clique in this thread :)

    And yes, it will live, and even be better in some aspects, in BC:

    You won't have the smart healing type functionality, but that is exactly what Blizzard wanted to remove, so that's to be expected. And there's no way Clad will try to go around that since a) he didn't want to put it in the first Clique when it was asked of him, but gave in to popular demand b) it would be circumventing what the devs want us NOT to do, and I don't think he would knowingly do that.

    Note the author of Clique and the guy that's been responding to you :)
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    Quote from krtek »

    After some discussions with other devs and on the IRC Chan, the point is that an One Folder structure is maybee better for Prat. So I've commit a proof of concept to branches ( http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/branches/Prat/OneDir/ ). What do you think about it ?

    I'd LOVE one folder and subfolders. My AddOns folder gets big otherwise :)
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    Thanks for trying to continue work on this Wobin, it's MUCH appreciated.

    I want to replace Advanced Bags Plus with something Ace2 as my UI is quickly moving to all Ace2 addons.

    Basically, I want many bags, separated out into categories like "Equipment", "Consumables", etc.

    And the ability to add custom items to each category.

    I agree with Quantuvis that the flowing nature of the "catch all" bag is much desired since that tells you what you need to categorize yourself.

    I wouldn't mind one bag if the bag was categorized. For the folks asking for one bag, I assume you mean you want it categorized? Because if you want just one big unsorted bag, there are already tons of mods that do this...
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    Quote from maia »

    (sorry mate, nothing personal :) )

    Nothing taken personally, and I understand your frustration ;)

    I guess I just meant (and no, I wasn't clear at all :) ) that you could have the list separated by class first, and if you click on Priest, all the Priests are checked. Then you could individually click on and off each Priest, or any other class.

    x Priest
    Soandso Priest
    Mr. Priest
    x WarriorMan

    Obviously, all the classes would be there :) And in the above example, all the Priests and WarriorMan would have priority, using the same logic you use now when you have multiple people checked.

    And again, this doesn't solve the debuff priority, only the class/person priority.

    The irony here is, I wouldn't use the system myself, I'm with you. Either the debuff is mindless enough to just remove by pounding on the key, or you want to do it yourself via your unit frames.

    I promise, I won't post about it again, I just wanted you to see what is hopefully an easy idea to keep the feature creep down until you can build the system you feel is best.

    I trust that you will do the right thing, I LOVE Squishy and I'm glad to be rid of Decursive as well :)
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    I don't know about the debuffs, but couldn't the classes be done just as the players are done now?

    I know you couldn't choose an order to the priority, but at least you could say "Decurse Warriors and Priests before anyone else"

    Just an idea :)
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    Just wanted to say I love SCT 5.0!

    The multi frames were a great idea, the performance seems better (I'll know more when I get into a raid tonght or tomorrow) and it worked right out of the box in 1.12 :)

    Thanks for all your hard work!
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