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    Ok, I read the posts for the last few weeks... Not sure if I am looking at this differently than others described their issues of I am seeing a different problem.

    Basically I upgraded from 3 to 4 w/ the release of 3.02. W/ Bar3 I had bars one and two tied to 2 keys. If I hit "q", then bar 1 would show. If I hit "e", then bar 2 would show up. This "basically" still works, but now the icons will not change and/or show up as the one on the other panel. They are still what I assigned them, but they just show the icon for the other bar. It isn't always the same buttons that don't switch, but it can be different ones. Both bars have State based switching turned on and Action bar paging turned on. Cooldowns show correctly, Along w/ Macro Text and other stuff even if the icon is incorrect.

    I can still use them as they are suppose to be, but I am kinda playing blind... Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but w/ the new skills and things, I have had to change up where some of my skills are.

    Also, I have it swap to bar 7 for stealth on both bars. That works just fine. Stealth buttons never bleed through or get bled on.

    Edit: Figures... I fixed it... Not sure if this is suppose to work... I enabled Action Bar Paging on Bar 7 (Stealth Bar). Now Bar 1 and Bar 2 behave how I want them to and show the correct icons.
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    Is there a reason my IP would be blocked getting to files.wowace.com? I am able to hit the site from my work, but not from home and I have see no one else complaining on the forums.

    When I do a trace route from my home to files.wowace.com it dies at, which is the last hope before www.wowace.com which does work. I would try to do a traceroute from work, but they block all icmp traffic.

    If I have been blocked, I am sorry I have offended and would like to correct and apologize for whatever I did wrong.

    Edit - I forgot to add this started yesterday or maybe 2 days ago. I was in the middle of updating when it died.
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    Currently having the paging problem also using Bongos2.

    I have a found a work around I can use each time I log in... Don't ask why it works, but it seems to. Basically I just enable and disable the mod for Bongos2 and trinkemenu. Even though it is disabled, the graphics still show but the paging works???

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