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    I had problems with getting flight paths recognized, and recorded times only showed up on some characters. The reason is that blood elfs are mistakenly seen as alliance.

    ToFu.lua, line 145:
    if race == "Orc" or race == "Scourge" or race == "Troll" or race == "Tauren" then

    Should have this check added:
    race == "BloodElf"

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    posted a message on [Old] PitBull - official topic
    OptionalDeps and X-Embeds are looking odd. They say that TabletLib is embedded, although it is not. Babble-2.2, BanzaiLib, RosterLib, SpecialEventsEmbed should all be there, but are not.

    There are several mods that have minor issues like this, making life miserable for my automagic package builder, but I have to start somewhere...
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