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    So i know this is my first post, everyone thinks "yet another noob" but i dont know what to do anymore.
    Im from germany, so the first thing i did was changing to the english language pack.
    I downloaded the Cartographer r44896 from your files.wowace.com, as well as Cartographer_Quests r36982 and Cartographer_QuestObjectives r40449.
    I extracted them all and the cartographer works fine. But i dont have any notes. I copied the .lua file databases i downloaded in the database topic into my SaveVariables, nothing changed. I downloaded the Cartographer Merge Tool and 'Import'ed all the .lua databases, and synced them with the "server" (what ever that means) nothing changed. Im pretty much desperate because i tried it for like 8 hours or so. Could you help me plz?
    Cartograph seems to work fine ingame, when i accept a quest i get a "?" on the world map etc. but it doesnt seem to save them, when i relogg its gone.

    PS: Does it has any effect that i runned the .bat files in the Cartographer Addon folder, so it put the other folder (cartograph_ZoneInfo etc.) in the main AddOns folder?
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