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    posted a message on StatBlockCore v2: Make use of your broker plugins!
    I'm having some trouble changing the width of the blocks - I used to use the mousewheel to do it, but now that doesn't seem to work (it just zooms the camera in/out). Any ideas?

    And it's still broken in r21 as it was broken in r20..

    I've made a ticket via this WowAce system, but I guess funkydude hasn't seen it :)

    I guess when someone trimmed the multiple functions created per LDB-tag, the hedgetrimmer went a bit into overdrive.

    So, now I revert to r19 to resize my LBD tags and get the layout working and then to r20/21 to run smoother.. hehe..

    But srsly, either re-introduce the mousewheel on mouseover resizeing or make a width slider under each LDB tag in the config menu, if you're loathe to re-include "config-only" code to a run-time system :)
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    posted a message on oRA2
    Quote from ant1pathy
    oRA2 (along with BigWigs, but I don't really mind DBM) is my lastt Ace2 addon. Are there any plans to move it to Ace3, or are there any alternatives?

    I've yet to see any alternatives *sigh*

    And I'm in the same boat re. Ace2.

    oRA3 is registered as a project, but atm it's inactive. I'm gonna check the SVN for anything there, but I suspect nil.

    Can we please just get a "Yes, we're working on migrating", "No, gtfo with the Ace2 h8'ing. Load your 1mb and like it" or perhaps even "The Collective does not deem you worthy of information as of yet" ;)
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