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    Hi there :)

    I just recently downloaded this fine addon of yours, and I think i like it. But I do have a question regarding Mana/Energy- and Combopoint-Text. Is it possible in any way to put the absolute amount of Mana/Energy right above the Playerframe? And in the same way the amount of Combopoints above the targetframe? For example

    100 2
    [Playerframe - 8234 (Health) ] [Targetframe - 93% (Health) ]
    [Playerframe - 100 (Energy) ] [Targetframe - some stuff ]

    I hope this might make clear what I try to do, but to be sure I uploaded a screenshot with these settings as i used to have them under Nurfed UI. ( no CPs on this screen, but the red energy-100 above the playerframe should give you an idea of what I need to have ;) )
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