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    hey was wondering if anyone could help me out with this aura problem. heres a picture of what im taking about:

    if there are no buffs on the target, the debuffs will start where the bloodlust is.

    however, as you can see, debuffs (hunters mark) always end up on top of the buff line/s (bloodlust, shield) when a target has buffs. which looks really stupid in a raid, when the mob has just one buff, and a full stack of debuffs. ive tried to get it so that when theres both buffs and debuffs on a target, it throws the buff line above the debuffs, but i cant get it to work.

    i also tried splitting their positions, but once enough debuffs get put up, it will cover the buff line, because they are now split and it doesnt bump it up. and if i move the starting point for the buffs so high so they arent covered by the debuffs, it looks even more dumb.

    anyone know if there is anyway to fix this. ive tried all the check box options, but none of them do it.
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