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    Quote from Papayafreak »

    i HATE the it goes to the background on mouseout, it REALLY winds me up when i move the mouse just that bit too far.. is there a way to turn this off? that's my only really issues with it.

    Go to the addon preferences in the dropdown list, there a slider for transparancy on mouseout or something along those lines to adjust that.
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    I noticed a horrid decrease in performance after 2.3 so I gave the wmp trick a try and was amazed it worked.

    After digging a bit I found posted somewhere that using

    SET timingMethod "2"

    in the config.wtf might help, so I gave that a try and got relativly the same increase in speed (actually faster but i'm sure that was due to wmp not being run in the background)

    I believe that "0" is default and the poster also suggested trying "1" if "2" doesn't work.

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