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    I know there have been a lot of topics concerning class colors, but I haven't found anything similiar to my problem.

    Since TBC I'm using an addon to change the color of shamans as they almost have same color as mages.
    Quoting the describtion of this addon named ClassColor from Wiki:
    "This Ace2 AddOn simply manipulates the RAID_CLASS_COLORS array allowing you to customize the display color of every class in any mod that makes use of the defines."
    "Any addon that defines its own colors and doesn't use the global defines will not be affected by using this addon."

    Here is my problem:
    ag_UF does pick up the color I did set for shamans fine except for the target. I selected "color name by class" but it is showing me the original blizzard color. For everything else (e.g. target's target) the color seems to be fine.

    Hope you get a clue what I'm talking about as my english isn't that good.


    P.S. Thanks for this great Addon!
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