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    Now the range check is doing other strange things.
    Again, on my druid, it seems to work for players, but now if any of those players enter a duel they become shown as out of range.

    If I disable the range check, as expected, everything is non-faded. I did this to try and rule out something else making the frames faded.
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    Ok, so I'm new to PitBull, but so far it seems like it can become one of the best.

    Couple of problems, though.

    Range check seems to be malfunctioning.
    On my druid, range check works for players, but all npcs are faded as if out of range.
    On my priest, everything is faded to be out of range, including myself.

    Trying to transfer the same set up to different characters doesn't work.
    The profile doesn't transfer, and gives some kind of error.
    Trying to copy a current profile to a different(new) profile doesn't work, and tends to destroy my current setup.

    Configuration is somewhat painful, but it could be worse, such as the "infinitely nested menus" as it typical with ace-based mods. It would much improved if you could configure raid/party/pets/etc. without actually being in a raid/party/with pets/etc. I've spent a number of battlegrounds just doing nothing while trying to configure my frames. Sad, I know, but I have no other way to do it.

    Last question: How does one make text bold?
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