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    Quote from Phanx »

    2. Why? Can't you tell which bar you are hovering over?

    I'm not the OP, but I can see why:

    1. Create a bar
    2. Copy+rename it.
    3. Try to determine whether you're moving the original or the copy
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    Quote from Depherios »

    The inability to have alt page AND be self cast, is the sole reason this is not my main button mod right now. (I have a self cast bar, that pages!)

    But it can, just not through the 'easy' way.

    Do the advanced state pages or whatever it's called and

    I think.
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    1. Expected Behavior. Your self-cast modifier is set to Alt, and IB2 does not allow you to use the self cast modifier with the State Pages system. You can however access it using the Macro States system.

    Interesting, I would never have known this. (Then again, I don't have a self-cast modifier)

    Also note, I will be looking into making action IDs available as a button type. I'll probably get to this over the weekend or on Monday.

    Hurray! I looked at the LUA but I'm not that good at deciphering other people's code. ;). My mod to the (original) Flexbar was about as far as it went (and I do programming for a living!)

    Also, another little buglet I forgot to mention: When a button changes states between a autocasting pet action and an 'empty' standard action (possibly other varieties of standard actions as well, did not test), the autocast highlight sometimes stays on.
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    Quote from highend »

    2. I made a second button group "Test1" (again, 5 for the button numbers). I drag a spell onto the first button (Avenger's Shield). I use /kb to bring up the keybinding mode provided by the LibKeyBound library. I hover over this button and press e.g. Alt + h. While still in keybinding mode and hovering over it, it shows alt + h is bound to this button. Now I close the keybinding mode but the alt + h shortcut is not shown as the kb shortcut (Default text substitution was not modified so the shortcut should be shown for the Text 3 position).

    I have the same issue with keybinds.

    /console reloadui (or /reloadui if you have the relevant addon) will make keybindings display afterwards.
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    Quote from Phanx »

    You can already do that with the existing profile system. Button layout, state config, and keybindings are all copied when you copy a profile.

    Yes, but so are the actual buttons themselves.

    I'd rather it copy the fact that button X is action 1, button Y is action 2... instead of button X is Attack, button Y is Concussive Shot.

    Sure, I can make copies and change each character individually, but what happens when I decide I want to make a minor change to the setup? I have to
    a) make the change on every copy of the profile
    b) re-copy the profile and redo things on each character.

    With action IDs, I can have all characters using the SAME profile (not multiple copies) and have things propogate correctly.

    Maybe I will dig in the LUA later and see if I can add support for the standard action IDs myself. If so, I'll submit a patch.
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    Quote from Phanx »

    The "pet" state is a Blizzard-supplied secure state; it's exactly the same as using the "pet" conditional in a macro. Blizzard apparently did not feel that a dead pet is equivalent to no pet, so the best you'd be able to do is to use macro conditionals to set your bar states, and try what you posted. I'm not sure how that will work though... I'm pretty sure "[pet,target=pet,nodead]" would mean "if I have a pet, and my target is my pet, and my target is not dead".

    From what I've read it, the target=XXX part determines what I'm checking to see if is nodead. Regardless of whether that's accurate or not, my pet bar IS in the correct state if I have a pet out whether I target it or not... it's the "dead but not despawned" instance I haven't tested yet, mainly because I don't feel like killing my pet.

    [[ctrl+shift and alt+shift]] I believe this is a Blizzard limitation; addons have no control over how WoW recieves and interprets keypresses. In your specific case, you could workaround the problem (albeit rather messily) by turning all of your "shift" bar buttons into macro buttons and doing "/use [mod:ctrl] <ctrl ability>; <shift ability>". Probably not worth the hassle, though.

    Addons have no direct control, but a binding of ctrl+shift+1 will take precedence over both ctrl+1 and shift+1. Being able to bind both ctrl+1 and ctrl+shift+1 to the same button would prevent the shift+1 button from triggering on ctrl+shift+1, at least in theory. But Infinibar can't do dual key binds. :(

    I'm slightly confused as to why you would want to use the same actions on all of your characters? Do you play 5 characters of the same class or something?

    Either way, you can easily copy the setup of another character by navigating to the Profile section of the config and using the "Copy Profile" option. From there it would be trivial to swap in the character-specific macros.

    I'm referring to having the same layout/keybindings/state changes (it's nice to get it all set up generically once and have it 'just work' on any character regardless of class, and can easily be done at the cost of a few (unused) states per character.

    If buttons are tied to the standard 120 action IDs instead of the macros they use now, I could load the exact same profile on multiple characters and have it automatically have the correct buttons (because Blizzard internally remembers the 120 action IDs). It also means slightly less work if I'm forced to use Blizzard's UI or some other bar addon if Infinibar is broken in an update, as the actions will already be assigned to fairly-standard places.

    [[re: multiple states->one 'page']]How would this be useful? If you want to use the same page in multiple states, use the "macro conditionals" option and enter multiple states on the same line. For example: [...]

    a) This doesn't do me much good if I want to change states after-the-fact.
    b) Possibly it'd allow the built-in states to be a bit more useful.

    This particular 'idea' was only a really minor one anyways, so I could definitely live without it.
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    I just recently returned to WoW and, after looking at about 8 bajillion bar addons, found Infinibar.

    FINALLY, someone understands just how useful it is to be able to have a few things change dynamically... like I can have my pet bar change to have buttons to tame/call/revive pet if I don't have a pet, etc. I previously had a lot of this same 'magic' in Flexbar, it's nice having it back.

    However, just a few problems:

    1. On the aforementioned pet bar, when it's NOT in the pet state (and the configuration utility specifically says a button is not the 'pet' type), sometimes I am unable to drag abilities onto the slots that are pet actions when it IS in the pet state.

    2. It'd be nice if the built-in "Pet" state considered a dead pet the same as no pet. I use "[pet,target=pet,nodead]" and "[nopet] [target=pet,dead]" as a workaround but haven't tested to see if it really works in the 'dead pet' case yet.

    3. I have 4 12-button bars: 1 thru = and ctrl/shift/alt variants of the same. The ctrl and alt bars also have shift- versions (ctrl-shift and alt-shift). These DISPLAY properly, but ctrl+shift+1 tries to activate the shift+1 button on the 'shift' bar instead.

    I think the client is confused as to where to send a ctrl+shift+1 when there's effectively conflicting keybinds. I'm also fairly certain that if I could bind both ctrl+1 and ctrl+shift+1 to the same button it would work, but I don't see a way to do this.

    I could probably create new ctrl+shift and alt+shift bars for this purpose, but I'd rather not waste the screen real-estate (they're for seldom-used actions that are still handy to have hotkeyed)

    ... and suggestions:

    1. My pet bar is a 12-action bar. With a pet, the first 10 are the first 10 pet actions, 11 and 12 are mend/feed pet. Without, the first action is tame, 11 is revive, 12 is call. When setting up the 'with a pet' version, it was annoyingly tedious to select button 1, choose 'pet', set to ID 1, select button 2, choose 'pet', set to ID 2, repeat. Especially when I had to rebuild the bar a few times as I was getting the feel for the plugin.

    Possibly a button or something to 'assign pet IDs 2-10 to next 9 buttons' or similiar would be helpful here.

    2. I noticed Infinibar doesn't use the 120 standard IDs (or at least I didn't see a way to tell it to) It would be nice if it had an option to use them, because then I can use essentially the exact same profile on all of my characters with their own character-specific macros. P.S. If you do add this, please make it easy to say 'assign IDs x thru x+count to all buttons in this group' -- see my complaint about the tedium with pet commands.

    3. (minor) It would be neat to have some way to separate the 'state pages' from the actual states themselves, so you could go:

    'Default' actions
    'Alternate' actions
    'Alternate 2' actions

    and then

    "[conditional]" = "Alternate 2"
    "Shift key down" = "Alternate"
    "Ctrl key down" = "Alternate"
    "default' = "Default"

    Just my thoughts ;)
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