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    There was a mod a long time ago named something like SuperCombatGizmo that was like this. Basically what I'm thinking is a mod that automatically adds nearby enemies (populated from combat log? Dunno) to a box. The box would have their name, their target, and the casting bar for any spell they are casting.

    Is this doable? Does something already exist for this?

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    posted a message on View other players combat logs
    What I'm looking for is a combat log monitor that lets you monitor specific players in a raid/group.

    If anyone has used Eavesdrop from Grayhoof, thats what I'm thinking. Just expanded to view other players logs too.

    Anything like this? Or any interest in making one?

    The raiding uses for this could be amazing.
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    Here's the scenario I have in mind, tell me what you guys think in terms of possible mod development or existing mod use...

    I often find myself running AB and trying to heal players in fights. While there's 15 people in my CTRaid(WTB new perfect raid), only 5 of them are in the fight.

    The mod I'm envisioning would load health bars of friendly units nearby (based off their activity in combat log, maybe?). This would give me a status of all the people around me to determine who needed heals most, etc. Additional options like enemy bars, debuffs, etc could be added in.

    Is there a mod out there that does this, or would anyone be interested in developing one?
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