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    posted a message on oRA2
    I'm getting this error 100% of the time whenever I log into a raid in progress. It periodically happens while the raid is operational; I haven't narrowed down an event that might trigger it, but I suspect that if an MT dies ...

    Date: 2007-12-20 20:45:12
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\oRA2\Optional\CoolDown.lua line 188:
      CandyBar-2.0: You need the PaintChips-2.0 library if you don't pass in RGB pairs as colors.
      ...ce\AddOns\AutoBar\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:301: TriggerEvent()
      [C]: ?
      ...ce\AddOns\AutoBar\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:300: TriggerEvent()

    oRA2 was up to date as of the report, as were all other Ace add-ons.

    I have no clue how to debug a packaging problem, as PaintChips-2.0 is most certainly embedded in the add-on library directory.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Quote from Aight »

    That's a bit dramatic. Once again, WAU spoils the children.

    Er, dramatic for effect. You don't remember when the Cosmos updater would run and effectively delete every non-Cosmos add-on in your Addons folder.

    Well, JWowAceUpdater now runs and overwrites every working Ace add-on with a not-guaranteed-to-work Ace add-on.

    I instituted the configuration management discipline in our department and have done so at several companies. One of the first rules I teach my programmers: don't check beta code into the trunk. The Ace developers have not yet learned this little lesson, and will be poorer for not having figured it out on their own. Similarly, The three different developers for WowAceUpdater, MacAceUpdater and JWowAceUpdater have no understanding of trunk and branch updates as they indiscriminately propagate bad code into the wilderness, and blame the end-user for failing to read the fine print. This is developer arrogance at its finest.

    I will say no more, as I sense an ivy covered tower here, and wouldn't want to let some light in.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Quote from Toadkiller »

    This is not correct. If you read the instructions they say to click the AutoBar icon. Clicking fubar just gives u fubar options.

    I didn't get an Autobar icon. There is a FuBar menu item in FuBar, nothing on the minimap, and no way to show an icon in the configuration screen. The old drag handle is not there at the corner of the bar. There is always the possibility that it is hidden behind another minimap icon.

    Shift-clicking on the FuBar menu item icon does nothing that I can see. No red/green glow.

    I have loved Autobar in the past, back when Saien introduced the package along with Totembar. It is an essential part of my UI, and will likely replace Cryolysis and a couple of other add-ons once it is finished.

    In the meantime, I don't have a way to move the Autobar bar, and cannot use any style other than dreamy because the scaling shifts the click regions.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    Quote from Rufuspalmer »

    after about 30 seconds of frustration and borderline anger I _was_ able to get things working pretty much as they have in the past.

    I have no idea how you were able to do that.

    There is no way to move the main bar. Shift-clicking the fubar menu does nothing. Ctrl-clicking the fubar menu does nothing.

    I'm afraid that Ace has now entered the land of Cosmos, back in the early, nasty days. Click something, and your entire UI is dead, dead and gone.
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