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    posted a message on RBM Offical Thread
    Well, after reading lasts posts i'd like to add something:

    I guess problem with this addon for some people is that it's too complex and need some time to configure at your own taste. Once you figure this out you realize how powerful it is. It's not if it tracks one spell of another (i've added some spells myself playing with the code) it's the core of the addon that make up for limitless options.

    I came here myself finding a replacement for NECB. Now, i'm really not interested in NECB anymore, even in its pre-patch state, it will never have the flexibility of RBM.

    About the support and spells tracked, i came here myself asking for some spells and author is really giving a great support, so if you want something added and don't know how to code it yourself, just ask for it instead of whining, please. Expect a fast and polite response from the author, like he always does.

    Last, one petition, i've asked before for the Water Elemental duration thingy, I really wouldn't again if i could figure out how to code it myself but since it's not a buff/debuff i don't know how to do it. I guess if you add this it'd be easy to add Shadowfiend duration as well and close hard some big mouths... ;-)

    Thanks again for the great addon and support.
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    posted a message on RBM Offical Thread
    Quote from dragonis »

    the cooldown count for Psychic Scream is wrong its showing the improved cooldown and not the normal one of 30secs with improved its 26secs.

    The 27 secs cd is taking into account the Arena set bonus (-3 secs) not the talent bonus (-4 secs).
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    posted a message on RBM Offical Thread
    Hi again,

    Well, the Addon is getting better and better, i wouldn't call it a replacement for NECB because it's so much powerful. DR are working fine too. Some minor bugs and request, though:

    - Mage water elemental time left is still not showing, i saw in code something about sumdur=45 seems like you added a new category, but can't get it to work.

    - About DebuffWatch, i got a couple of problems: first, whenever I sap two or more targets on a row, i keep seeing first targets sap bar, not only the bar of the last sapped target, while this is not so annoying, it'd be nice to auto remove sap bar whenever you sap another target. Also, i noticed i can't see the silence time bars of kick and garrote.

    - Finally, i've got a request, it'd be nice to be able to create custom labels for DR's and DebuffWatch like you added for AbilityWatch.

    Thanks again
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    posted a message on RBM Offical Thread
    Just downloaded last version and checking new code... it's just great that you made a new category for DR's i was trying to code it myself but you saved me the work ^^. I see you added support for Water Elemental duration now, i'll test it asap.
    I wanted to share some of the additions/modifications of the spell list i've done myself in case someone might be interested:
    -- MAGE
    [45438] = { dur = 10, cd = 300 }, -- Ice Block

    changed duration to 10 secs

    -- PALADIN
    [1044] = { dur = 14, target = true, cd = 25 }, -- Blessing of Freedom

    Added cd support for b.o.f. and increased duration to 14 secs because of Guardian's Favor.

    -- PRIEST
    [25435] = { ct = 10, cast = true, warn = true }, -- Resurrection
    [10912] = { ct = 3, cast = true }, -- Mind Control

    Resurrection and mind control show "dt" instead of "ct" i guess it's a bug, but it's been there since first release.

    [10890] = { cd = 27, target = true, dur = 8, dr = "fear", }, -- Psychic scream (last rank)
    Last rank of Psychic scream changed to 27 secs cd because of set bonus, almost every priest in pvp will have it... Still a problem to check cd duration for a shadow priest with points in imp. P.Scream though.

    [32546] = { ct = 1.5, cast = true, heal = true }, -- Binding Heal
    [25213] = { ct = 3, cast = true, heal = true }, -- Greater Heal
    [25235] = { ct = 1.5, cast = true, heal = true }, -- Flash Heal
    [25380] = { ct = 2, cast = true }, -- Mana Burn

    Also, some heals missing in the spell list as well as mana burn casting that might be very handy for arenas. Just added last rank of every spell, basically because i use the addon for 70 pvp'ing and arena.

    -- ROGUE
    [36554] = { dur = 3, cd = 30 }, -- Shadowstep

    Well, shs is really 2 buffs, the +20% dmg one and the +speed. I thing the interesting thing to keep track of is +speed and it's only 3 secs.

    -- SHAMAN
    [25420] = { ct = 1.5, cast = true, heal = true }, -- Lesser Healing Wave
    [25396] = { ct = 3, cast = true, heal = true }, -- Healing Wave

    Some other heals missing, also last rank added only.

    -- WARRIOR
    [25275] = { dur = 3, cd = 15, target = true, dr = "ctrlstun", }, -- Intercept (last rank)

    Last rank of intercept cd changed to 15 secs for obvious reasons.

    I was about to add scatter shot but i just noticed you already did it, nice! also i added casting time for cyclone and i see it implemented in this new version, no adding needed either ^^.

    That's all for now, enjoy!
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    posted a message on RBM Offical Thread
    Hi again,

    One more thing i noticed testing DR's, isn't the proper time to clean DR's 15 seconds after the end of the spell/ability instead of 20 secs? because currently addon counts up to 20 secs.
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    posted a message on RBM Offical Thread
    Fist, thx for adding DR support!

    I've started testing it, i've noticed it doesn't track sap and gouge, not sure about other disorients...stuns and blind/cyclone seems to be working good so far.

    I've got one petition, though, currently DR are showing in the Hostile Cooldowns set of abilities, it would be nice to add a filtering option so DR can be shown in its own frame (with its own set of colours).

    Thx again, keep up the good work!
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    posted a message on RBM Offical Thread
    Quote from Apoco »

    I will be adding proper support for the Water Elemental soon. currently the api's I have written do not support a proper way to add the uptime of this in. Does the cooldown work however?

    Yeah, cooldown is working fine...

    One more thing i just noticed about Mind Control cast bar:
    the bar keeps showing (full bar) and doesn't disappear even after zoning out.

    I'll keep reporting any bugs I find.
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    posted a message on RBM Offical Thread
    Today I noticed a minor bug that might be annoying:
    When I enter Shattrah, AbilityWatch is disabled (because of the sanctuary status)
    Well, problem is that if I queue for arenas in Shattrah city whenever I get inside the arena the addon is still disabled and doesn't work. Tried going to Nagrand and queued up there and everything worked fine.

    Thx again for the great work on this addon and specially for the great support you're giving in this forum.

    PS: (tried the code you provided for the Elemental Timer, and it's still not working)
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    posted a message on RBM Offical Thread
    Thanks for your previous answer, i might have been looking for spellid's in the wrong place :-/

    I keep tuning the spell list and need help with the mage Water Elemental. I'm trying to display a bar with time left on the Elemental but can't get it to work. I've try changing the ct=45 with dur=45 so it could appear as a buff in the buff list but it doesn't work, also tried to show it like a cast, using ct=45, cast=true, no results either... Any ideas?

    I'm also having some problems with gradients, sometimes, for some sets of abilities, i can only see the 1st colour.

    Thx in advance.
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    posted a message on RBM Offical Thread
    First, i want to thank you for this great addon.

    I'm trying to modify the spell list in the Abilitywatch.lua file to add some spells and change the behaviour of others. Well, problem is whenever I try to add a new spell (previously looking for the spellid) i get an erratic behaviour, for instance i've added to the paladin spells this line:

    [19750] = { ct = 1.5, cast = true, heal = true }, [19751] = { ct = 1.5, cast = true, heal = true }, -- Flash of Light

    then, when i try to get to paladin abilities in the rbm conf. screen, i just can't see any of the abilities listed, just the "select all" check.

    Also tried with some other abilities, like hunter's scatter shot and others... same problem there.

    Only time i could get to see the new ability in the conf. screen was with Perception, but in this case i could see the check box but where unable to check it. Really, i can't get what i'm doing wrong, help plz.

    I'm using the LuaIDE editor, btw, in case this migth be the problem.

    Finally, a petition, since i've seen some of the code already implemented in the lua: Please add Diminishing Returns and this addon will be just perfect ;-)

    Thanks again.
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